Lockdown with a Baby | 12 Weeks Old

Looking back a few weeks at my maternity leave Ollie and I had quite a good routine. Our week was made up of baby classes including Baby Massage and Bookbug at our local library. We went on walks with my Mum and we had visitors or went to visit friends and family. Now with lockdown and social distancing it's hard not to feel a bit like Groundhog Day. Here's the 4 things that have been keeping us both busy and sane!
Tummy Time
Tummy time is recommended for babies from birth and by 3 months they should be doing an hour of tummy time per day. It helps develop neck, back and shoulder muscles in practise for milestones like rolling over, sitting upright and crawling. Like lots of babies Ollie wasn't always a big fan of tummy time, finding it quite frustrating. I'd been using a mirror and toys to help but buying a water mat has made it even better. This mat was £7.99 from Amazon and came in less than 2 days. It's easy to inflate the edges and fill up with water. Ollie quite likes cold water inside it as its cooling on his rosey cheeks. The foam shapes inside are bright and definitely catch his attention.
Baby Sensory 
I stumbled across Hey Bear Sensory on Youtube a bit by chance but it's become a firm favourite and a regular part of our day. These videos are a mixture of black and white or bright colours with high contrast images. These videos encourage focus and eye co-ordination. Some of them are relaxing while others are more upbeat and stimulating. By no means is this a replacement from sensory experiences and classes but a burst of up to 20minutes can catch his attention.
Books, Books, Books
We've got quite a collection of books in Ollie's room and lots of them are from me being a teacher; either as as a student or the year I taught 5-8 year olds. Rather than just having books as part of a bedtime routine we've been reading more and more throughout the day. Julia Donaldson is one of my favourite authors for little ones but we've also got a couple of personalised ones that I love to read. We've got Rory's Adventures in Petlandia and Ollie Loves Daddy This Much. All of these books have bright pictures and plenty of rhyme but really it doesn't matter what you're reading to build the foundations of literacy and language skills.
One Walk a Day
When the guidelines were announced on Monday night I was so thankful that getting out for exercise once a day was allowed. I made sure I was going out with Ollie at least once a day before to make sure he got some fresh air, for me to get some exercise and for him to get a good nap. Unfortunately I can't go with my Mum anymore but now my husband is working from home we've been going in his lunch break. We've got the Mamas and Papas Ocarro Travel System and Ollie loves his pram as much as we do. It's smooth and suitable for most terrain, the wheels are sturdy and it's so easy to fold up and put in the boot (not that we'll be doing that for a while). As soon as we get outside Ollie is sound asleep and it's one of the best ways for him to get his daytime sleep hours in. 
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