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We've been living in our house for four and a half years now. When we first moved into the house we redecorated nearly every single room. Since then we've made a few changes, the biggest being our new kitchen and dining room last year. The thing about houses though is there's always something you'd like to change or update. There's four main things in my house that I'd like to update... for now.
New Internal Doors
The doors in our house are the original doors when the house was built a few decades ago. We've wanted new doors since buying the house but we need to change the facings and woodwork too so it's quite a big and expensive job - not just as simple as buying a few doors. So in the Easter holidays in 2017 we painted all of the doors white giving them a bit of a revamp as a bit of a compromise. Now that we've got a new door leading into our kitchen and back door I would love to change the rest of the doors, or at least the downstairs ones! The style that we like is the Dordogne Smooth Moulded doors in white.

Hallway Mirror
When we renovated our kitchen and dining room it involved blocking up a door which changed how our hallway looks. It took us a little longer to redecorate the rest of the hallway and we kept it very simple - smooth walls and magnolia paint. However, we've been left with a large section of wall in the downstairs hallway with nothing on it. I want to put a full length mirror there but just haven't found the right one yet. A few that I like include the White Sophia Mirror from the Range, the Contemporary Bevelled Mirror from Wayfair and the Silver Antique Mirror from Melody Maison.

Hallway and Stair Carpet
When we moved into our house we changed the flooring in the living room and downstairs hallway from a blue carpet to Karndeen wooden flooring. We left the carpet on the stairs and in the upstairs hallway. I didn't like it then and I still don't like it now. We've just never bothered to change it partly because we think it's going to be quite costly but also because other things have taken priority. Now I would love to replace it, especially when I see it compared to the new grey carpet in Ollie's room. I definitely think we'd go for a beige, grey or greige colour - all very neutral.

Paint the Bathroom Tiles
Let's be honest I would love to completely change the upstairs bathroom. It's not to my taste at all and looks tired and dated. A new bathroom is not cheap and right now isn't necessary. I have however, started toying with the idea of painting the tiles. A bit like painting the doors, it would be a refresh that would hopefully change up the appearance of the room enough to keep me happy for a few years. I've used tile stickers before but this patterned border makes it a little harder to change up.
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