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Ollie sleeps in a Grobag at night time just now which swaddles him and stops his reflex and flapping arms from waking him up. It's a fantastic design and really did make a difference to night times in our house. So much so I'm starting to plan ahead to a few weeks time when he'll have outgrown his Grobag. You can get it in a bigger size with the new Grobag Snuggle but I thought I should see what else was out there and came across the Woombie Swaddle Sleeping Bag. The print is very cute and the reviews are quite good.

It's a bit early to be thinking about a jumperoo really as he's only two months old but after visiting my friend and her 6 month old I wanted to see what different styles there were and I love the Disney Nemo Baby Jumper. There's quite a few Disney things in our house for Ollie so why not add one more?

We've got a few special occasions this year so I'm always keeping an eye out for outfits for them and my heart melted at the Navy Checked Four Piece Set. How adorable! It's definitely the sort of thing you could mix and match so although it's £26 they're bound to wear it loads.

Another thing I've been looking at a bit ahead of time is a baby seat, in particular the Ingenuity Baby Base 2 in 1 Seat. We've thought about a high chair but lots of Mums have said having something like this is quite versatile meaning it can be used at the dining table for meal times but also as a seat for safety and playtime. 

With Ollie being born at the beginning of January everything that happens in 2020 is going to be a first. I'm one of those Mum's taking pictures of him at each weekly and monthly milestone on his GingerRay blanket so you know I'm going to want outfits for special occasions like Easter and Christmas. Asda rises to the occasion with the My First Easter Sleepsuit.

One of my favourite shops for baby boys clothes is Gap. I bought a few things in their sale just before Christmas and they've been fantastic quality, wash really well and fit nicely. I'm not 100% struck on jeans for babies but some of the Gap ones, like these Gap Pull on Jeans are actually soft material and are more like joggers, but look like jeans. 

Right now when we take Ollie out in his car seat we put a blanket on top and tuck it right in around him but I've seen a few people with a Car Seat Blanket. These look much more convenient and cosy. You don't have to worry about the wind catching it and with it being all the way round them they're going to be nice and warm.

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