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Every wedding is unique and as beautiful as the next. It’s planned by you and your partner to some degree, regardless of if you have a wedding planner or not. Those ideas and initial desires as to what you want for your day make it something that’s yours to treasure forever. 

Make Photos A Priority
Photos are an essential part of the day because they capture every happy moment, especially the ones you won’t get to experience on the day. Your guests chatting or having fun and those moments that are really hard to stay captured within your own personal memory. Having the photos are something you can look back on further down the line, reminisce, and show your children and grandchildren. So make photos the priority by securing a good photographer who can capture as much as possible. You may also wish to get a photo booth hire too. While you’re photographer or photographers are capturing general pictures, your guests can do their own. These photo booths usually come with some dressing up attire of some sort, so make sure you include one of these on your day if you can.

Greet Guests As A Couple
The day can often go by very quickly and sometimes you may find yourself spending more time away from your newly married husband or wife because you’re busy greeting and speaking to guests. However, one way of combating this is by going around together, and it’s something you can do throughout the day. It’s a great chance to stay together for longer and to enjoy seeing friends and family as a newly married couple, rather than tag-teaming it around your venue. Don’t feel so pressured to speak to everyone so quickly. Take your time and enjoy it because people are likely to come to you over the course of the day anyway.We did a receiving line after our ceremony and it was the perfect opportunity to see and speak to all of our guests that were there to celebrate our big day.

Drink And Eat Plenty
On the day of your wedding, there’s a lot going on, and it can be hard to take a break, to sit down and just enjoy the experience of the day itself. However, seeing as you paid so much for the wedding itself, you might as well enjoy it where you can. Be sure to eat and drink plenty throughout, and if you’re struggling to eat, then get one of your guests or bridal/grooms party to go and grab something for you. It’ll help make sure you stay energised for the whole day, and hopefully, you don’t peak too soon into the evening. Start off with breakfast with your bridesmaids while you get ready and finish off with a pick n' mix at the end of the night! 

Take A Moment
At some point during the day, just take a moment. Look at what’s happening around you and just have that moment to breathe in and out. It can fly by so quickly, so it’s important to appreciate it where possible. The best wedding day is achieved by making sure you have fun. So make that a priority and don’t stress too much about anything else.
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