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We brides do tend to think of our wedding as our day. However, there are other people involved, as well. In particular, someone that definitely needs to be involved in the preparation leading up to the big day is the groom*. In fact, there are some wedding-related tasks you can happily delegate to your other half. Something that will make him feel involved, and task some of the pressure of you too. Remember it’s our wedding not my wedding.
Choosing his outfit
One of the most critical tasks that you can delegate to your groom is choosing his wedding suit or kilt. Of course, some brides like to set down guidelines on what is acceptable when it comes to wedding outfits and colours and what isn't. After all, you don't want to be faced with a situation where your other half goes off-piste and chooses a white tux with tails and a top hat! 

With that in mind, discuss the style and colour of wedding suits and kilts that will be acceptable before he goes off to choose one. Yet leave the financial decision to him. Then as a bride, you will be just as surprised and delighted to get a glimpse of him, as he is to see you in your dress on the big day. 

Arranging the groomsman
Traditionally, the groom has the responsibility for picking out the guys that he wants by his side on the biggest day of his life. Of course, that also means anything else to do with shooting the groomsman such as their outfits and gifts. Not to mention the instructions the groomsmen need to be given as to what they need to do on the big day as well. 

In fact, it can be helpful if they all get together before the wedding, and he briefs them on precisely what their responsibilities will be. After all, if you want someone to run interference with a drunk uncle, or make sure gran can get to the buffet, your OH needs to assign a groomsman to the task. 
Sorting gifts for others that help in the wedding 
There is so much to do when it comes to planning a wedding, getting help from your groom can be a real lifeline. With that in mind asking for some assistance when choosing a thank you gifts can be a great way to delegate some of the stress involved. 

In fact, at least half of these gifts will be for those on his side of the family. Therefore your groom really is the one that is best suited to know what to do anyway. 

Writing his speech 
In fact, unless you are really going all-in with micromanaging things as a bride, your other half's speech is something that he should take sole responsibility for. 

The good news is that there is plenty of help out there if he does find himself stuck for words. Although, sticking to the basics such as giving the bride a compliment, thanking the bridesmaids and in-laws, and raising a toast is totally fine too. If that is what your groom is more comfortable with. But your husband could be a bit like mine who stood up, folded up his speech and just winged it! 
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