New Nails | Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Last year I had Valentine's Nails and they're probably up there with one of my favourite sets. In fact I would have happily had the exact same but where's the fun in that? Again, because I got my nails done just before Valentine's Day I wanted something that was subtle so that for the next three weeks I'm not fed up of looking at something too obviously 14th February.

Although I didn't get exactly the same I was pretty close. Last year I had French Bloom as a base colour and I said then I'm much more of a pink fan than red mostly because of my skin tone  This year I've got Petal, which is really similar but also my most worn shade. I actually had this pastel pink in my last set as well. I like how girly this colour is but also that it's not really noticeable when my nails start growing out. 

On my ring finger I've got Magpie Beauty Minnie Glitter which is a chunky glitter and again a regular choice of mine. I also got Minnie on my thumb in a slightly different design than I've had before. This glitter is applied with Magpie Beauty Give Me StrengthLast year I had a heart outline drawn on my ring finger and this year my nod to Valentine's is a glitter heart in the corner of my index finger. This was hand drawn with a brush using pink rosé

Last month I went a little shorter with my nails as I thought they'd be a bit more practical with having a baby. This month I've kept the square shape and let them be a little longer. The perks of The Gel Bottle's Builder in a Bottle is that my nails grow nice and strong meaning nearly every one is my own nail. It definitely makes a difference.
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