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Two weeks ago I shared my Mum Buys, the things that have been absolute must haves for our baby boy. They were the little purchases - the ones that don't cost much. This time I've got the Big Purchases. These are the big items with big price tags but the ones that you only need to invest in once.

One of the first things we bought for Ollie was the Sleepyhead Deluxe+ in hope that it would live up to it's rave reviews and recommendations. I think it's quite clear from it being in this Mum Buys post that it's been a hit. It's obviously quite an expensive option for what seems to be just a pod but it's been worth every penny. It's a safe and comfy option for your baby to sleep, lounge and have tummy time. It's lightweight and portable so not only do I take it about the house so that my little one can nap whilst I get stuff done but I've also taken it to my Mum's house whilst she babysat and to my friends house for a convenient place for him to lie out of his car seat. We've got the Pristine White Sleepyhead which is designed for 0-8months but it also comes in loads of different designs and best of all it's machine washable and made with no harmful substances. 

If you were to ask us what baby item helped us most in our first few day as parents it would without a doubt be the Perfect Prep machine. We were so lucky to receive this as a gift and we couldn't be without it. It's essentially a coffee machine for baby bottles - it makes a bottle in less than 2 minutes to the perfect temperature. There's no faffing with boiling water and leaving it for the right length of time or storing it in a flask or using a bottle warmer, especially not in the middle of the night. The machine has a filter system which removes impurities in the water and the mix of hot water followed by cold water ensures any bacteria in the formula is killed. The digital display on this version makes it really easy to follow the instructions which is handy for any one different using it, like grandparents who might only use it once or twice.
It's recommended that babies sleep in the same room as their parents for the first 6 months. Having them close by makes nighttime feeding easier and allows you to see and settle them when needed. The Chicco Next To Me Crib allows for side sleeping without putting your child in danger. This has been great for making night times peaceful and it fits nicely into our bedroom without having to remove any other furniture. It's big enough to fit the Sleepyhead inside, though we don't use it during the night we've been able to put the Sleepyhead in for some morning naps and catching up on our own sleep. The Next To Me can also be made into a normal crib as your baby grows and it's suitable up to 9kg which is about 6 months, so this will last much longer than a Moses basket.

Picking out a monitor was my husband's responsibility and like a lot of the tech in our house he wanted to have something 'smart'. He wanted to be able to link up a baby monitor to our phones through an app so that we'd both be able to see Ollie even when we weren't both at home. Regardless of the smart functions, this BT Video monitor is a good monitor, with high quality video and excellent range for the distances we need in our house. It's been brilliant for getting into a bedtime routine, sharing night feeds and getting up and organised during the morning nap. 
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