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If you have drawn the short straw in your new home and you have the tiny bedroom in your home, then it’s time to stop pouting and start embracing it! Believe it or not, the smallest bedroom in the house isn’t actually a curse. It’s a blessing and you can easily complain about it, or you could get your creative hat on and start looking at some of the best ways to make the space work for you. With the right design ideas, layout and a lot of positive thinking, you can make the box room work for you in a way that a larger room just can’t! Here's some top tips to make your small bedroom fit you well*...

The best advice you could get is to keep your bedroom simple. You don't want to overcomplicate this space. There’s no layout magic here, you just want to maximise the floor space as much as you can. With a small room, you don’t need clever layouts; just something simple to make it work the best it can. As long as you have space on either side of the bed, you’re good.

Most people will tell you that the best thing to do for a small room is to paint it white. White paint opens a space and reflects the light - we all know that! However, you can still embrace the dark if you really want to! Dark palettes that are consistent throughout the whole room can make a room look sexy!

You can still bring in plenty of light with a room that’s dark. Lamps with a good LED bulb, huge windows that take up the wall opposite and a good hanging light will brighten even the darkest room. You can be as moody with your palette as you like, as long as you ensure that there is light flooding the room! Think mirrors and tricks with the lights to keep it all coming in.

Splash colour through a small bedroom, but enough to let it be tasteful and not garish. Bright colour splashes in the form of artwork or cushions are smart, and you can add something beautiful this way. Your bedroom should be a place of zen, relaxation and creativity, and it starts with a balanced colour palette.

Lastly, consider the furniture! Your bedroom needs to be used correctly. So, storage beds add clever storage in your bedroom which gives you more space on the floor (and no wardrobe to worry about!). You should think about floating shelves up the walls to take up space on the walls of the room rather than the floor, too. You should also get rid of nightstands in favour of awesome floating shelves! You can still rest your alarm clock somewhere, but without taking up space.

Your bedroom should be somewhere you can chill out and sleep well. Size doesn't matter when you have space to lay down and relax after a long day!

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