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When we think of planning a wedding, we can somewhat regard it as a military operation. We know we have to think of everything, and pay for everything, and ensure that all of the individual components meet each other at the right time, on the right day. The most beautiful wedding dress in the world is useless trying to find if you can only get it for the day after the event, for example.

When it comes to planning anything in a complex manner, stress levels and anxieties will rise. This is good to a certain extent, as it shows you care about getting things right. But sometimes, it can feel limiting. There’s so much pressure to perfect your wedding day in every respect, some of this pressure will be internally felt, while some of it will be subconsciously pushed on you by everyone you invite.

Is an ‘easier’ wedding something to plan for? Could it actually be realistic to take this approach, rather than having to hit the markers you feel are appropriate? Of course, you are free to make the decisions you find the most appealing, and we hope you have a phenomenal day, the start of building your beautiful family. But maybe it’s possible to remove some of the heavy intensity out of the planning process.
A Venue That Cares
Finding a wedding venue that continually caters to newlyweds and does everything in their power to help them squeeze the best value out of their booking is important. For example, Colwick Hall weddings are known for providing a beautiful wedding venue with everything both a traditional and unique wedding could need, managed by staff that truly understand the constituent elements of a wonderful wedding. This can help you avoid the feeling of intrusion, and instead potentially work with your venue to the best result.

Services That Have Your Back
Finding a service that allies with you can be important. Perhaps you wish to lose weight before going for the full and final wedding fitting, but right now the bridal gown firm is happy to help you pick your designs and curate your dress with you - adjusting as needed. This is a great example of the services you should select, because it’s almost always true that people who care about your experience will do their utmost to help you make this your most beautiful day of all.
Identifying Your Unique Needs
What are your unique needs? It might be that you’re interested in a larger or small wedding reception, or perhaps you’re not interested in inviting children to your small ceremony due to how small and humble it will be. Don’t be afraid to make your needs or wants known, that’s the only way you can accommodate them. And remember, you should never feel forced into building a huge wedding if you’re not happy with that, the same as you shouldn’t feel ashamed of wanting all the bells and whistles if they make you happy. In other words - consider this your permission to ask for what you’d really like to enjoy.

With this advice, we hope you can plan for that easier wedding, with aids that truly help you, even if that only affects your own internal attitude going forward.
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