Primark Wishlist | Winter Wardrobe

It's been a while since I've been to Primark and now that all the sale stock is out of the way it's a good time to go and get a few Winter wardrobe bits. After a little browse on their website I've got a mental list of my favourite items for if I manage to drag myself away from the baby section. 

Starting off with the most expensive item but without a doubt my favourite. The Grey Belted Coat looks like the sort of coat that would make any outfit look 10x better. Perhaps it is actually worth the £30 price tag. I love a cosy jumper and a Roll Neck Jumper is the ultimate snug option with a pair of jeans and boots. This beige one is only £10 and I'm loving the different lines in the knit. 

One of the things I missed wearing when I was pregnant was a pinafore. It's such an easy outfit but always looks put together. I've got a few different colours and materials but don't have a cord one like this £13 Black Cord Pinafore. Now that I'm off work on maternity leave for the majority of the year I'm not sure how much I'd actually wear these but I'm loving the Check Peg Leg Trousers. A good office wear option for only £10 but I think they'd be quite good with a pair of Vans or Converse for a casual look when you just don't want to wear jeans.

Primark always do amazing footwear. The boots I've been wearing since the weather changed from sandal season are from Primark and they're still going strong. The Black Chelsea Boots caught my eye with their faux leather material making them suitable in the rain or, in case we get any this year, the snow and also the hint of silver on the heel. You can't really beat £12 for a pair of boots.

Another clothing item I've missed wearing for the last 6 months thanks to my bump is A-Line skirts. These are fab for the Winter with tights and a jumper tucked in. I've got a few different colours and materials but again none the same as the Tan Cord Skirt. This one is only £8 but definitely looks like something you'd get from New Look or Top Shop.

I bought a couple of headbands from River Island in their Boxing Day/January sales but not surprisingly Primark have really affordable ones too. This Black Chunky Headband is only £3 so perfect if you're not quite sure if the trend suits you or not. Or maybe you're a big headband fan and want to buy one in every colour for all outfit combinations.
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  1. I love those boots so much, they're so cute and I like that metal detail! Primark have so many lovely things right now xx

  2. I don't shop in Primark any more but I LOVE your picks here! I'm big on trousers at the moment, I don't really want to wear anything else and I love those black and white ones! Definitely need to find a pair similar to that for this year :) x