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It's only been 3 weeks since Ollie came into our life but already I've got a few Mum favourites - other than cuddles and watching his funny facial expressions obviously.  There's lots to buy for babies and these are the Little Purchases, the things that don't have big price tags but ones you might have to buy lots and lots of. Whether you're expecting a baby and trying to get organised or if you're a Mum already and on the lookout for recommendations here's my Mum Buys.
Lidl Lupilu Nappies
Obviously nappies are one of the items that you're going to be buying in preparation for your baby arriving, and buying lots of throughout their early years. There's a lot of brands to choose from and the price range is actually quite scary. We've already tried quite a few different nappies from samples, ones passed on from friends whose baby have outgrown them and the ones we've bought. I'm actually quite happy to say that we weren't impressed by Pampers (which can cost about 13p per nappy!) and actually rated the Lidl Lupilu nappies most. Lidl has an award-winning baby range and they're only 89p for a pack of 24 newborn nappies going up to £1.79 for 44 size 2 nappies. We've found they have the best fit, are easy to secure, they're not overly bulky and have so far been pretty leak proof.

A newborn baby's skin is sensitive and its recommended that you use cotton wool and water on their skin when changing their nappy for about the first 6 weeks. You only need to see a meconium nappy to realise cotton wool and water is going to be a bit of a faff. Instead lots of Mums recommended Waterwipes and I stocked up! These wipes don't contain any chemicals or harsh ingredients just 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract. They are gentle, safe and convenient which is exactly what a Mum wants. Waterwipes are on the pricier side costing around £2.50-£2.80 per pack but can be bought in bulk to make them a little more affordable.
Before having Ollie we really had no idea about the temperature in our house. We knew we'd have to have our heating on more to make sure he was warm but not too hot, especially through the night but getting that right needed a little bit of help. My husband actually bought the GroEgg2 and it's been a massive help. It's so easy to read with it's colour coded system and makes a good night light for night time feeds. The digital thermometer has both a standard UK adapter and USB function which makes it suitable for travelling. 

This was one of the things I had no idea I would ever need for my newborn but it's definitely helped make life a little easier and kept us organised. For the first few days of using formula we were measuring out the scoops at each feed. When you've got a baby crying for food or it's the middle of the night, you're half asleep and you're trying to remember if you've put 3 or 4 scoops it's not the most practical. We bought these Tommee Tippee dispensers for on the go as they fit inside the bottles so are neat and convenient, fitting nicely in my changing bag. We actually use them every day and night regardless of whether we're staying in all day or not.
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