100% Silk Pillowcases | The Benefits

I'd heard that sleeping with a silk pillowcase had many beauty benefits years ago but didn't think much about it. But now that getting a full nights' beauty sleep isn't on the agenda every night with a newborn who wakes for a feed every 4 hours I thought it was about time I took advantage of some of the benefits of a silk pillowcase.

I've got the 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase in grey* from Calidad Home. This is a perfect fit for a standard UK pillow which means you can easily upgrade your sleep with just one little purchase. Right now there's 40% off making this £39.95 instead of £65.95, and being able to pay less than £40 makes it one of the most affordable, high quality silk pillowcases on the market. 

So, what's the big deal? A silk pillowcase has fantastic benefits for both your skin and hair. The hydrating properties of the silk make it suitable for sensitive skin and help to keep moisture in your skin. Along with helping hydrate your skin it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, so giving you anti-ageing benefits without spending a fortune on creams and lotions. You know those lines you sometimes get on your face after a good nights sleep on a cotton pillowcase? You don't get those on silk as your skin can slide on the cleaner sleep surface which helps prevent creases. In addition to maintaining the moisture in your skin it is also less drying for your hair. Silk has less friction than cotton so it helps in reducing hair frizz and damage leaving you with smoother, less tangled hair. I've noticed the difference when I go to bed without fully drying my hair, it's no longer the frizzy mess that it used to be!

It's not just the beauty benefits that makes a silk pillowcase a worthwhile investment. These high quality pillowcases are long lasting and can still be thrown in the washing machine at 30 degrees, so no extra hand washing or dry cleaning hassle that you might think. They're also quick drying, which is handy when you start to get quite attached to that luxurious feeling at bedtime. Something I've not really thought too much about but was happy to hear was the fact that Mulberry silk is both hypoallergenic and bed mite repellant. That makes it a good option if you've got eczema or psoriasis.  

One of my favourite things about my silk pillowcase is the how it feels in different temperatures. It's warming in the Winter time and cooling in the Summer. Right now our bedroom is really cosy for our baby and I love that cold side of the pillow feeling I get from the silk.   

If grey doesn't quite suit your decor then you can get one of the 100% silk pillowcases in whiteivory or charcoal too. With free next day delivery, 30 day money back guarantee from a UK based company and a huge list of benefits it's well worth considering a change.
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