Travel in 2020 | 8 Bucket List Destinations

There are so many places to visit around the world that it can be hard to decide where you should go for your next trip. It’s hard, we know, to choose between the thousands of beaches, the plethora of adrenaline-pumping adventures. There are mountains to climb and rivers to swim, reefs to snorkel and bridges off which to bungee - the world is literally in the palm of your hand.

It stands to reason that the best thing to do is to learn about the different destinations out there so that you can decide which ones you would want to visit. There are so many people you could meet and places to see, so, with the eight bucket list destinations* below, you can make some discoveries that you may not have made before.

It may not have been somewhere that you put on your original bucket lists, but it’s certainly a placed dripping with history, magic and total wonder. The ancient cities will light that adventurous spark you’ve always had. It’ll fuel your sense of adventure and make you feel like you’re enjoying an unforgettable experience. It’s the place you want to visit to burn the memories into your brain. How could you not, when you have Petra, a breathtaking city to visit. Or the fact you can camp out in a genuine Bedouin camp? There are plenty of things to see, and if you don’t float in the Dead Sea when you visit, it’s a shame!

Have you heard that Uganda is well known as the “Pearl of Africa”? Well, there’s a very good reason for it. It’s a small place to visit, but when you see the variety of sights and experiences which Uganda can provide, it won’t feel so small. You can immerse yourself in exploration of the primate population here, as their mountain gorillas are the star of the show. You can’t leave without booking in a gorilla trekking safari at least once. It’s worth the elevated cost and you can hike through the rainforest in search of the gorillas. Speaking of animals, head to the Queen Elizabeth National Park and watch the tree-climbing lions in their natural living area. For that adrenaline adventure, why not head to go white-water rafting to the South? You could even get to the source of the Nile, which is an adventure in itself.

If you want to find an entrance to another world of magical landscapes and ancient wonders, then you’re in the right place in Peru. Lakes, mountains, rainforest - it’s all here in Peru. Once home to the Inca’s, you’ll be able to dive deep into their history as you camp around the country. You can see one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in Machu Picchu, and you’ll get the chance to enjoy the capital city of Lima, with the chance to see some awesome beaches, enjoy the history and enjoy the cosmopolitan life of the locals.

Again, another area you wouldn't initially think to put on your bucket list, but it should be! There is so much on offer in this south-eastern European country. As a cultural destination, Albania has mountain ranges, beautiful lakes and a past that is worth learning about. Packed with World Heritage sites and ruled to be one of the sunniest places in Europe, Albania is a place for nature enthusiasts who want to see somewhere that will literally take their breath away.
How can you have a bucket list that doesn't include the theme parks, the Twelve Apostles, Rottnest Island or the Opera House? Oh, you can’t! Australia is a must-see, and it’s not just because it’s on the opposite side of the world. It’s one place you WANT to go and be at least once in life. Road-tripping around Australia is a must at least once in life, and the reason you must road-trip is because there is too much to see! The Great Barrier Reef is yet another UNESCO World Heritage Site, and you need to go and snorkel there to truly appreciate beauty. You should also consider that Australia is packed with placed to get your adrenaline on!

From Jakarta to Bali, Indonesia has something breathtaking for all who love to travel. It’s easy to get a Jual Rumah apartment sorted before you arrive, and you can base yourself somewhere that can access all of the beauty that Indonesia has to offer. Not only that, but you’ll be able to take your pick from more than 17,000 islands. That’s a lot of travelling! Head to the many national parks, the active and dormant volcanoes and the beaches. Try the street food and attempt to enjoy the culture while you’re there. There is so much you can see and do in Indonesia, just make sure that you fit in the diving - it’s stunning!

The Northern rice fields and the sparkling beaches in the south are not enough for visitors in Vietnam; they need to see EVERYTHING. The hill-tries and Halong Bay, monuments, museums and ancient buildings are all there to pay tribute to the history of Vietnam. There are theatres and an active restaurant scene, with spectacular Vietnamese food to be enjoyed by all. The contemporary feel of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City both serve to offer so much to those who visit, but head to Hue and Hoi for an atmosphere that is quieter and more reserved.

A place that doesn't tend to fall on the traditional bucket lists, Zambia should be one place you visit at least one in life. With South Luangwa National Park giving you the chance to see the Big 5, and the many safari and wildlife-viewing opportunities around, you will find that you can’t tear yourself away from! Head to the Victoria Falls, which remain world-famous, as these are an essential part of any trip to Zambia. If you want to experience fishing for the first time, head to the Zambezi River and cath giant Vandu or stunning tigerfish. That’s an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

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