New Nails | Christmas Ready

After having Winter nails already this month when it came to my last nail appointment of 2019 just a week before Christmas I decided to go full festive, red and green. I've seen a lot of nail art on Instagram and Pinterest with baubles, bows and reindeer but I wanted to have something slightly different and I'm delighted with the results. I'm Christmas ready with  my holly and glitter nails.

That old phrase, 'red and green should never be seen' definitely doesn't apply at Christmas time and I've got two amazing The Gel Bottle colours on my nails. The green on my pinky and ring finger is Jungle. It's a stunning deep, forest green but just wasn't festive enough on it's own so we added Magpie Beauty Blossom Glitter on top. 

For the nail art design we used Daisy to create a white background allowing the holly leaves and berries to really stand out. The leaves were drawn with a thin detail brush in Jungle, while a dotting tool was used for the berries done in Diva. Nail art is always easier with a bit of guidance so we used a nail art tutorial on Pinterest to help with the holly leaf shape. To fill in the gaps, and for a bit more festive sparkle, we added dots of Art Deco.
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