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2019 has definitely been a year that I've taken a bit more time to look after my skin and think more carefully about the skincare products I use. One of the brands that's recently made it's way on to my dressing table is the The Pro Co. They're a cruelty free skincare company that make their products in the UK, don't test on animals and have planet friendly packaging that is 98% plastic free. All of these factors are a bonus in addition to the fact that their current three serums are simple, natural products with no nasty ingredients. Brilliant for sensitive skin like mine. It's hard to believe these 30ml serums only cost £7.99 each...

The first of the serums that I added to my morning and nighttime skincare routine is the Vit C Serum. This serum has 3 key ingredients - Hyaluronic Acid, Superox-C and Stay-C 50. This combination is all about reducing the signs of ageing, increasing radiance and improving skin tone. With dry/dehydrated skin I'm always on the lookout for something that's going to make my skin look brighter, feel softer and Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C are brilliant for that. Obviously I'm getting no younger so I never say no to a little help in the anti-aging department. I love how this serum smells and with just one or two drops on my face after cleansing I've noticed a bit of a boost and glow to my skin. 

Another The Pro Co serum that I've been using morning and night is the Eye Rescue Serum.   This was the serum I was most excited to try in attempt to help fade dark under-eye circles and rescue my under eye contour before they get any worse with sleepless nights with a newborn baby. I've been using one drop under each eye and loving how refreshing and hydrating it feels. The combination of cocoa butter, seaweed extract and grape seed oil all helps to calm skin, boost circulation and stimulate cell renewal. It's hard to say whether there's a drastic difference in the appearance of my under eyes but I certainly enjoy using it which makes it all the more easier to include day in day out.

The last one, the Retinol Serum, has been added to my nighttime skincare routine after cleansing my skin and before heading to bed. Retinols have been a bit of a buzz in the skincare world recently and this vegan friendly one is all about the anti-aging with lower irritation. The first of it's two key ingredients is vitAlease which has a high concentration of Retinol for slower release to help minimise skin irritation. The second ingredient, Retinol, is a form of Vitamin A and it's all about speeding up the skin's cell cycle and in turn helping to combat wrinkles and encourage collagen production. I'll be honest the science behind it all scares me slightly and because of my sensitive and dry skin I'm a little more cautious using it. Just one or two drops is enough for my whole face and I don't use it every day. So far I'm happy with the results and have had no negative reactions.

So far I've been impressed with everything The Pro Co has to offer and I'm looking forward to seeing what other skin, hair and body products they've got up their sleeves. I'll be keeping my eye on their Instagram to see all of the launches.

If you fancy adding these serums to your skincare routine you can order the Vit C SerumEye Rescue Serum and Retinol Serum with 20% off. That makes each product less than £6.50. There's not many high quality serums on the market at that price!
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