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Being comfortable in your home is important, but soon enough, the amount we accruefrom ourselves and as a household can end up cluttering it up. That’s not what you want in a place that should be bringing you a calm and relaxed environment. Here are some tips to help declutter your home.
Clear Out the Drawers and Cupboards
The cupboards and drawers are where you are going to find all of the junk that’s just taking up valuable space in your home. Even the biggest of properties can get overrun by clutter, and it can be very easily done every time we bring something into the home. If it’s not put somewhere significant, then chances are it will end up in the back of a cupboard somewhere. Start by clearing out each cupboard in every room, as this can be your storage space for the items that you do want to keep. Give them a proper gutting and then clean out the dust and dirt that has likely built up in there so that you have a fresh and squeaky clean cupboard. Be ruthless when chucking things out and don’t leave any cupboard unturned, particularly kitchen cupboards and drawers too, as, these can often contain out of date food. 
Explore the Loft Space
If you have a loft space that you use, then you’ll probably have realized that you have plenty of junk up there too. As it's a harder to reach place, it might be worth doing the clear out of this space on a separate occasion. It may be something that will take a day or two to clear, especially if you have items that aren’t yours and perhaps a previous family member’s belongings. That might take a little more time to go through, especially as some may be sentimental items, and you may find yourself reflecting on those for a lot longer than paperwork in a desk drawer.

Organise and Arrange
Once you’ve decluttered, it’s also important that you’ve taken the time to organise and arrange whatever is leftover so that you don’t have to pull out everything and leave cupboards in a mess because you’ve been looking for one item. Organise your spaces depending on how much storage you have. You might need to buy more of it as you declutter, but it’s good to keep everything in order, and so you know where to find it when needed. If you want to go to the next level, then it may be worth getting glue dots and dispensers to help with your household and personal filing. We all have a lot of paperwork that needs storing somewhere, and so this is a great way of making sure it all is in the right place and is recognisable to you in some way.

 Everything Should Have A Home
Everything should have a home, and that certainly comes to things like clutter. You shouldn’t really have anything lying around on the floor that shouldn’t be there. If it doesn’t have a home, then it means you need to get the storage to put it in or find somewhere that will suit what it is. There are also plenty of ways to store things that are perhaps a little fussy. For example, berets or caps could be hung on the wall using coat hooks instead of being thrown into a wardrobe and where they will likely get crushed. You could have acrylic storage for your makeup or floating shelves positioned around the home to keep things off the floor. Get creative with your storage and display options and have fewer tripping hazards in your home.

Keep What Brings You Joy
There is clutter that brings you happiness when you look at it and then there will be certain stuff that really doesn’t do anything for you. Be aware of your feelings and emotions when it comes to decluttering, as this will be a good indication of whether something has value to you or whether it’s an item that can simply be chucked out. You want to find those items that bring you joy because they will be the things that you want to hold onto. That might not bring joy to someone else, but it’s a personal thing for you, and that means something. 

Work as a team if you live in a household, to go through the clutter together. The more you can get rid of or donate, the better your home will feel. It’s a very cleansing experience!
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