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This is something that's definitely a little bit different for my blog but when I was thinking about some of the beauty products that I've started using throughout pregnancy I actually thought it would be quite a good idea to share some of the other pregnancy related things that have made their way into my life. There's been Four Pregnancy Apps that I've been using on a regular basis, some since I first found out I was expecting and others into the second or third trimester. 

I've had this app since I first found out and was only 4 weeks pregnant. I used the Ovia Fertility app for tracking my periods and the Ovia Pregnancy app was recommended through it. It's a free app that helps track the baby's development with fun little facts like the size compared to fruit or animals. It also has detailed information about what to expect week to week along with health advice. The calendar feature is really handy too for tracking appointments, symptoms, movement and mood. I like how easy to use the app is, it's not too fussy or cluttered. I like the quick facts on the homepage and I think the hospital bag checklist and and contraction timer might come in handy soon. A good app for the whole of pregnancy. 

There's lots of photo taking involved in pregnancy. Whether it's a bump shot, of the nursery being decorated or the million and one purchases you have to make. We've got a baby book that I've printed out a few photos for but it's nice to be able to add something to the photo as a quick and easy way to look back and know exactly how many weeks I was or what was going on. I liked the stickers that compared the number of weeks to food but I wanted one that would have templates, frames and stickers suitable for once the baby arrives too. I looked at a few apps but I liked this one from Adorable the most. It's a free app but there's in app purchases. I ended up paying £6.99 for all of the pregnancy, quotes, milestones, firsts and decorations. It's been worth it, I've used it loads, and this was a lot cheaper than some of the other apps out there.

This is the latest app we've been using and it's all down to our inability to agree on a baby name. Basically this app is like Tinder for baby names. You can set it to girls, boys or both and then connect up with your partner's app. You then swipe right for names you like and swipe left for names you don't. This helps create a list of your favourites and then tells you if you've got any matches. It is an American app so there are loads of names that we would never even consider but there's also plenty of traditional names, unique names and popular names. It also says the meaning of names and alternative spellings. It's given me a few new ideas...

This is the app I use the least but it's worth getting if you're in the UK for a few reasons. Let's start with the freebies. Emma's Diary has free sample gift packs that you can collect from Argos or Boots and you can use the app to get them. There's also a huge selection of discounts and offers that you can access through the app that are exclusive to Emma's Diary.   There's a lot of interesting and helpful information stored in this app through frequently asked questions and weekly developments. This app also has a journal function but I must admit I've never bothered using it.
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