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When it comes to buying Christmas presents, especially Secret Santa ones, I always look on Etsy. There's always something personalised or a little different on there and it's always good to be supporting smaller businesses and not just the big companies all of the time. Two years ago I did one of these posts focusing on gift ideas for her and then last year it was a Secret Santa focus. I've stuck with Secret Santa this year because that's how I do Christmas - Secret Santa in my side of the family, my husband's side, my besties and my work. So here's my 2019 Etsy Gift Guide for Secret Santas

Does anyone else follow the gift buying motto - 'something to eat, something to drink, something to make your little brain think, something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read'? I think it's a lovely way of putting together a Christmas present for kids and it's exactly what went through my mind when I saw the Frozen Hot Chocolate Kit. This is definitely not just for little ones, I reckon any of my friends would like one of these along with an Olaf mug or slippers for a cosy night in. This would also be very cute in a Christmas Eve box with a pair of pyjamas. 

When it comes to Christmas decorations I love a good mix of personalised ones and ones that match my colour scheme. I've got so many beautiful decorations that have so much meaning and tell a bit of a story and that's why I love the Personalised Photo Christmas Bauble. This is a good one if it's someone's first Christmas as a newly wed couple or first Christmas as parents or grandparents or even in a new house. 

Keeping with the personalised theme, how simple but amazing is the Personalised Makeup Bag? This is a good present regardless of your budget as you can leave it empty, or fill it with affordable high street makeup or splash out on some high end skincare and makeup items. Definitely a good one for a beauty product lover or someone who travels often.

A personalised present with a bit of a homeware theme is some Framed Pebble Art. We got a picture like this for Christmas two years ago and we absolutely love it. It can be totally personalised to include all your family members including any furry ones. It's one to consider if your budget is a little higher. 
What's a Christmas gift guide without a candle? You wouldn't actually believe how many scent options this You've Got This Scented Candle comes in without looking at the list. It comes in three different sizes and depending on the scent comes in different colours. So what would be best for your Secret Santa - marshmallows, champagne, monkey farts!?

The next gift is actually something I've got and use loads. A Monogram Initial Clutch Bag is a good present for someone who is engaged or just married and you can get their new initials. Sometime buying accessories can be a bit hit or miss but with a clutch bag like this it's really simple and goes with so many outfits. This might be quite good for that bestie that loves to party along with the next gift idea.

As soon as I saw the Cheers Bitches Stemless Glass I had a giggle. A bit of fun but definitely one of those presents that's got the potential to be used very often. This could be good along with a bottle of fizz or a favourite gin, maybe some reusable straws and Proseccco shimmer or balls. 

The last gift is another homeware present and one for anyone who has a pooch. The Dog Lead Hooks are a very practical gift and goes back to that gift buying motto - something you need. I feel like this is one of those things you probably wouldn't buy yourself but it would make your life a whole lot more organised!
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