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It’s definitely soup season, you can tell by the queue for the microwave at work. There’s nothing I want more at lunch time on a cold, blustery day than a warm bowl of soup. It fills me up, warms me up and is healthy. I mostly started having soup through Autumn and Winter when I started following Slimming World and I’ve continued on now. I used to spend an hour or two in the kitchen on a Sunday morning prepping my soup for the week until last Christmas when a certain little gadget, the Morphy Richards Soup Maker, helped reduce that time and the effort required.
I’d heard a few people at work talking about the Soup Maker but I was convinced I didn’t need it and that my big soup pan was adequate enough. To be fair I was probably right but I love how much quicker, more convenient and easier to clean the Morphy Soup Maker is. So when Santa offers up a £40ish gadget, who am I to refuse?

Instead of having to spend time watching over my soup pan, giving it a stir I can walk off and leave the Soup Maker to do its magic. Instead of having the pan and the blender to clean I’ve just got the one thing. Instead of ladling out my soup into my mugs for the week I pour it in with ease, and make less mess in the process. 

The Soup Maker is big enough to make enough soup for a week of lunches which makes meal prepping a breeze. The 1.6litre capacity is perfect for family meals too. When we were having our kitchen redone at the beginning of the year I was actually able to make my lunches even when we had an empty shell of a room.

The Soup Maker has a few different functions and with that a couple of different time scales. You can make a smooth soup in 21 minutes or a chunky soup in 28minutes. There's a blend function if you're not quite happy with the consistency of your chunky soup and want to change the texture slightly. You can also use your soup maker for whizzing up a smoothie on the drinks mode. 

Slimming World Friendly Heinz Style Tomato Soup

My absolute favourite soup is a tomato soup that’s packed full of speed food and tastes just like the Heinz soup you’d get from a can. This is so easy to make as literally everything gets thrown in and takes no prepping. The following recipe makes enough soup to last me the week, takes a few minutes to throw it all in the Soup Maker and clean up and recycle the tins. Set to Smooth the Soup Maker does all of the cooking and blending of this soup in just 21 minutes.

Two tins of beans
Two tins of chopped tomatoes
Two tins of carrots (with the water drained away)
3-5 picked onions
Worcestershire sauce
A vegetable stock cube
Between 50-100ml water.

Slimming World Friendly Carrot and Coriander Soup

Another favourite soup recipe for this time of year is carrot and coriander. I make this one when I'm meal prepping for a Sunday roast and am chopping up carrots anyway, or alternatively it's a good one if you've got a lot of carrots left over at the end of a week. When I'm busy chopping up a butternut squash I always bag it up into portions for in the freezer and because a can of cannellini beans has more than needed for one batch of soup I freeze it in bags too. It's another case of throw the ingredients all in together and leave the Soup Maker to do all the hard work for you.

1 chopped onion
750g carrots
80g chopped butternut squash
60g cannellini beans
vegetable stock cube
about 200ml of water
ground coriander

If you’re a fan of making homemade soup but avoid it because of the hassle, or have considered the Morphy Richards Soup Maker before I’d definitely recommend it. Maybe it’s something that you can keep your eye on at Black Friday or it might make its way onto your Christmas wish list this year. 
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