New Nails | Pink & Rose Gold

From nails for one wedding to nails for another. Although I would have quite liked to have something Halloween themed, maybe a smokey nail look, I was having to think sensible. I'm wearing a rose gold sequin dress in a couple of weeks for our last wedding of 2019 and so I've embraced the rose gold glitz along with my favourite soft pink shades.

The Gel Bottle have brought out some new Builder Gels that have an added shimmer. I was keen to try out the one with a gold sparkle so opted for Juliet BIAB on my ring and middle fingers. I probably could have had Juliet on all of my nails but I can't resist Petal by The Gel Bottle. It's possibly my most worn nail colour whether it's a Spring look, paired with Marble Nails or for a wedding look. 

Onto the glitz and glam. I was really excited for the Magpie Beauty foils coming out. I love how they almost look like chunky glitters. I had to have Amelia-Rose on my ring finger and decided to use it along the edge of another nail too. It's a metallic rose gold that just looks amazing with its holographic effect. 

I love a bit of glitter at the base of the nail and I went for the Magpie Beauty Amelia Glitter. It's an ultra-fine champagne glitter and I'm not sure whether the name is a coincidence or whether it really is made to be matched with the Amelia-Rose foil. My last little bit of detail is a tiny rose gold gem on my pinky nails. Simple and girly.  

I'm loving a change in shape too. I definitely the square/squoval look suits me better. With only 2 nail appointments left in 2020 I'm not sure how much time my long nails have left... though it has to be said when they're your real nails and The Gel Bottle BIAB is used they're pretty sturdy whatever the length.
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