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My dressing table is home to a reasonable sized collection of makeup and skincare. There’s lots of products that could probably do with being thrown away, a declutter is maybe a job for my holidays coming soon. I've been changing up my skincare a bit more recently and it got me realising I’ve been using the same few makeup products day in day out. These are my five favourites for an everyday makeup look. So whether I'm going to work for the day or heading into town to get some jobs done I'm probably wearing the following 5 makeup products...

I’ve got dry skin and the colder months only make it more of a problem. There’s some foundations that just don’t work for me but one that does is Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation. The serum gel consistency of this foundation means it doesn’t leave me looking patchy and actually feels healthy and radiant on my skin. Bourjois does shades that don’t leave me looking pale and washed out but at the same time don’t look orange or mismatched. It’s nice to have a medium coverage that doesn’t look too over the top or feel like a mask.        

I’ve lost count with how any times I’ve mentioned Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer on my blog. It’s been a firm favourite since I first tried it and it’s still part of my everyday selection. C3 is the shade that suits me best and with its thick creamy, consistency it’s exactly what I need under my eyes and on any redness and blemishes. An affordable concealer that can be applied quickly and lasts for hours.

From trying to achieve a flawless base to adding a bit of dimension. My all-time favourite product for adding a bit of colour and contouring my face is Benefit Hoola Bronzer. Although you can get a lighter shade with Hoola Lite I actually prefer the original. It’s definitely needed for a healthy glow when seeing sunshine has been a bit of a distant memory. It's the number 1 selling bronzer in the UK and quite rightly so. It doesn't take much product to look a little more alive and it blends really well.

A more recent addition to my dressing table but one I’ve shared my thoughts on already is the Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara. While I find spending more on a bronzer to be a bit of an investment I was finding an expensive mascara to be not so cost effective, especially as they only last a couple of months. Instead I wanted to find a lengthening mascara that’s affordable and that’s exactly what Lash Accelerator is. A good, dark mascara is an absolute must for me and my fair lashes. It doesn't take long to apply this with a clump free finish so it's perfect while I rush around in the morning.

My last favourite product finishes off my everyday look - Maybelline Tattoo Brow Pomade. I don’t spend ages on my brows, I just want a little bit of colour and a slightly more prominent shape. Tattoo Brow pomade is surprisingly easy to use and actually has a shade to suit blondes. You can see from the packaging how well loved my brow pomade is so it's definitely good value for money.
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