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October time already and time for my birthday wish list. Yes I’m like a big kid coming up with the things I’d likes, it’s a bit like looking through the Argos catalogue circling all the toys, but it can be handy for other people and my list often blends from my birthday to Christmas one month later. I’ve shared my wish list last year and the year before and even though this is my last birthday before I’m a Mum, there’s still a few things I’ve got my eye on.

My absolute favourite scent is Alien perfume. I’ve raved about it loads before and normally have a back-up bottle ready for as soon as my current one runs out but I’ve been without my trusty fragrance for a few months now. I did look to buy one in the airport when we were heading to Turkey but I was a little worried my pregnant heightened sense of smell might have put me off it so instead I’ve waited and now it’s time to drop hints to my husband to replenish my stash.

There’s always a beauty item in my wish lists and because my birthday is close to Christmas there’s always really good gift sets out. I’ve already shared my Boots Christmas Gifts and Superdrug Christmas Gifts top picks but I saved this one for my birthday picks. Boots have brought out a few sets which remind me of the sets Sephora do. I bought a set like the All Star Mascaras Gift Set from Sephora in Vegas 5 years ago and I love that you can finally get something similar in the UK.

I feel like a lot of my birthday wish lists feature a gadget. This year it's the Fitbit Versa 2, in rose gold, what a surprise! I've had my Fitbit Charge 2 for ages now and since the Summer it's started showing signs of decline. Because I wear it every day and will be looking for all sorts of motivators to get moving come January I feel like it's time I went for a new Fitbit but might as well upgrade slightly at the same time. This Fitbit has a lot more notifications and features on the screen than my current one.
I would live in my dressing gown if I could get away with it, especially in the winter time. I’ve got a couple but my current one has seen better days and really could do with being parted with. Primark does good dressing gowns but didn’t have many on their website and then I stumbled across this Animal Print Dressing Gown from Very. I like a slightly longer one and as long as it's soft and cosy I'm happy. I'm just a little hesitant by how light the colours are on this one. I'm worried it might look a bit grubby quickly.

Two years ago I upgraded my Macbook to a Macbook Air around my birthday (and making use of Black Friday). I got a lovely marble case from Coconut Lane but 2 years later it’s starting to get a little tired. I fancy getting something else to help protect my lovely laptop and quite like the look of the Rose Gold MacBook Air Case. I originally wanted to buy a Rose Gold MacBook but I didn't like the size of it and this way I can have the rose gold tones but all of the features of the Air.

A bit of a random birthday wish but I’ve got my eye on the Mane 'n Tail Shampoo and Mane 'n Tail ConditionerThese have been talked about on YouTube and blogs for years, with people saying they help their hair grow, even though they're originally designed for horses?! I've never actually bought them myself and so I wouldn't mind trying them out.
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