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They say blondes have the most fun but being blonde isn't easy. I don't mean dealing with the dumb blonde jokes I mean the maintenance and care that it takes to look after your hair whether it's platinum, honey or an ashy shade. I'm naturally fair, though it's hard to remember my actual shade, but have been bright blonde for close to 10 years. These are the hair care tips that I follow to make being blonde a breeze.
Visit the Professionals
Maintaining a gorgeous blonde shade isn't cheap but it's so worth it. There's so many different tones of blonde and they can depend on the tones already in your hair and what processes you've put your hair through already. To avoid the orange, brassy look from a box dye and to prevent unnecessary damage it's worth visiting the professionals. Find a hairdresser that you trust, so whether that means you check out the award winning salons local to you like the Top Hairdresser Manchester or spend time reading through recommendations and reviews from friends and online. My hairdresser is an absolute blonde expert and my blonde work buddies all go to her too. It definitely pays off to visit a professional both for the colour and the condition. 

Purple Shampoo
The need to tackle brassy tones of blonde can start within a week of leaving the salon. Blonde hair can start to fade, become dull and lose its shine quite quickly and you need to be using the right products to maintain your desired shade. My favourite purple shampoo is definitely Fanola No Yellow Shampoo. It's a very intense purple shampoo that only needs to be used once for a noticeable difference. I tend to use this once a week or a fortnight to maintain my colour and neutralise any brassy tones. A purple shampoo like this is an absolute must for bright, toned blonde hair.

Deep Condition Often
Blonde hair is porous and can become brittle quite easily. Your hair needs to be nourished and hydrated in order to keep it silky, soft and healthy. This means you've got to be prepared to take a bit of time to treat your hair. My favourite deep-conditioning treatment is the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer. This award winning product is used before you shampoo your hair and is left to work its magic before your wash it out. This intense treatment is designed to hydrate, protect and improve elasticity and it's amazing how much it can help to repair damage and inject a bit of life back in your hair.

Reduce the Heat
This hair care tip doesn't apply just to blonde hair but when your hair has been exposed to bleach to lighten it, it's more prone to breaking. Add in heat to the mix and your chances of breakages increase even more. Giving your straighteners a rest in favour of some beachy waves from plaits or rocking an up-do rather than curling your hair are both ways of reducing the amount of heat your hair is exposed to. Air drying your hair instead of blasting the hairdryer every time is a step closer too.  
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