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Lots of people adhere to traditions on wedding days. The bride in an amazing white wedding dress. The groom in a classic princely three-piece suit or traditional Highland kilt. The bridesmaids wearing the same kinds of dresses and colours. The same goes for the groomsmen. The ceremony in a holy place or somewhere the couple feel a great connection to. However, the party is where everyone gets to let their hair down. It's the time of the day where being overcome with joy and the need to dance, is welcomed wholeheartedly. The party venue is not just for partying, you can have a whole host of activities for the guests and something for everyone. A good wedding will be in-keeping with tradition. But a great wedding will never have an uptight atmosphere*.
Props for being silly
You might not realise it but on your wedding day it's going to be hard to get certain people together. Not that there will be a spat going on, it's just that there is literally so much going on. There might be close to a hundred people at your wedding or even more. People will be everywhere, doing their own thing, getting situated, attending to their own needs etc. But when you have something to bring everyone together, almost like a gravitational pull, then you can record the party in a unique way. Look at photobooth hire where you get to take classic photos of everyone and with the use of props. Those that have their own distinct personality and character can wear props to showcase what they are like. It makes for some memorable photos of all those who mean the most to you.

More is more
Catering for weddings is a very popular industry. Weddings usually have very unique menus so making all the food yourself is out of the question. If you have a favourite cuisine then you should be using catering services to fulfil this desire to feed your guests. You can show them your most loved dishes and allow them to enjoy something of your personality or culture. However, don’t ever discount the buffet option. More is more sometimes, and guests being able to eat until their heart’s content can make for a very relaxed party. The last thing you want is for food to run out, because who knows how long you’re going to be partying into the night for? 
 Get up and dance
No secrets, no puzzles, just get up and dance! After the newly married couple have had their first dance, don’t stick to sitting down and watching everyone else have fun. It can relax people’s mood and make them come out of their shell when they see the couple is back on the dancefloor and getting loose. Encourage others to enjoy themselves and not be so uptight.

The first half of your day can have a serious more formal, but very exciting, atmosphere. When the sun starts to go down it's time to let your hair down as well. A great wedding will have things that ease people’s tensions and make them want to have more fun.
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