Wedding Planning | Four To Focus On

When the love of your life finally pops the question, so many thoughts begin to whizz around your mind about how you can plan the perfect big day. Organising the most beautiful wedding that you nor your partner or guests will ever forget is something that every wife-to-be dreams of, and there are a few steps that you can take which should help you to get started. If your special date is getting ever closer and you would like to know how you can create a day that you will treasure forever, then read on to uncover some of the best top tips that can help you make something amazing happen. 

Dream Dress
Wedding dresses come in so many different styles that it would be near impossible to miss out on finding your perfect fit. From mermaid to princess, diamond encrusted and pink, whatever your preferences there’s bound to be several for you to choose from! Head onto some specified wedding dress websites and browse around the different collections in order to figure out what kind you may like, and then visit any store to begin trying them on. This is all part of the experience of getting married, so make a great day of it - invite some girlfriends or close family with you to build up the excitement (and get those all important honest opinions!). It’s best to establish a budget in the beginning if you do think you have to stick to one, and don’t even take a quick look at anything that’s too expensive - this can just end up leaving you feeling so disappointed and underwhelmed when you have to settle for something else. 

The Reception
Depending on your own personal beliefs, there are several different types of reception you can plan. From those held in a place of worship with religious guidance and blessing, to those that simply witness two families coming together. Whatever it is that you would like, be sure to include your other half’s opinions on the matter (and those of their close relatives) as it would be an upsetting experience to make guests feel uncomfortable or ultimately make the wrong choice. Plan as far in advance as possible so that you can secure your venue, whether this is a church, castle, or even a simple function room if you don’t intend on inviting many people and would just like an intimate reception. 

Food Feast
The food you serve guests after your reception is one of the best parts to arrange, as this means it’s time to take part in a taste test! Contact some caterers and sort out a meeting, during which you can go through all of the different plates they offer than may be to your liking. Vary the options to ensure that everyone is able to eat and enjoy, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free dishes for those with intolerances. Meals at weddings are usually a very grand affair, so think about going for 2 or 3 small courses with rich ingredients, or maybe even a huge buffet that guests can pick and choose from themselves. Remember that you have to party for the rest of the night after eating, so don’t make plates too heavy. Consider whether you would like to serve alcohol and visit bartendercompany.comto arrange everything for you, or stick to soft drinks if you would like everything to stay a little bit more controlled. 

Party Fever 
When the sun goes down and the stars come out, it’s time to party! Finishing off a beautiful day of love and unity couldn’t be done in any other way than throwing some moves on the dance floor with your new spouse and guests. Hiring a DJ can be a great option, and you can ask for songs requests when sending out invitations to ensure that you play what will get your friends and family moving. This party can be held in the same room as your previous meal, just ensure you can clear a space that can be used as a dance floor and turn the lights down low. If you want to put in a bit extra, invest in some strobe lighting and smoke machines that can offer a more authentic club vibe and encourage everyone to throw their best shapes. 

Organising the most beautiful wedding doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think! Plan as far in advance as you can and include the key features listed above to ensure that you have the most memorable day ever. 

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