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The other week I shared my Christmas Gift Top Picks from Boots and now it’s time for my favourites from the Superdrug Christmas Gifts. I think Superdrug have upped their game this year. There’s loads more that have caught my eye and they’ve got some amazing brands that they’ve not had before. A few of the gift sets surprised me on just how much they cost though…

I’m a big fan of NYX products, I've tried quite a few different ones from liquid lipsticks to foundation and mascaras. That's probably why I was instantly drawn to the  NYX Love Lust and Disco Prep Gift Set. This £22 gift set has 6 mini NYX products that are perfect for a night out makeup look. I love that these products are all about prepping and setting rather than being a shade of makeup or eyeshadow that just might not suit.

One of my favourites from the beauty section was the I Heart Mini Vault. This is a really good gift for any beauty product lover as it's packed with 4 mini Chocolate palettes. The palettes include two face palettes and two eyeshadows palettes all for £30. There's a much bigger vault for £80 but obviously that's quite extravagant. 

I featured a Spectrum gift set on my Boots post so I was quite surprised to see them popping up in Superdrug too. This Spectrum Bumper Brush and Bag Set is definitely a bigger gift at £70 but it features 10 Spectrum brushes from the Zodiac Brush range with everything from eye brushes to foundation brushes, powder brushes and eyebrow styler. The design is gorgeous and they all come in a decent sized vanity case so it really is a complete set for any makeup lover.

There’s a few food and drink themed gifts, both suitable for the girls and guys in your life. Quite good for a work secret Santa or as an extra in a gift. The one that caught my eye most is the Pink Gin Perfect Serve Gift Set. I know quite a few people in my life who would appreciate a big gin glass and some extras to make it even tastier. Unfortunately there isn’t actually any gin in the set so at £14 you better not forget to add a bottle of gin to this gift! 

There's a couple of candles and diffusers in the Christmas gift selection. These would be a nice addition to a pamper package or make a good stocking filler. The Bloom Candles all look really sleek and simple and from those that I’ve smelt, smell amazing. My top pick would be the Bloom Mandarin and Lime Candle. It’s £12 for a 320g jar, which is a little smaller than a medium Yankee Candle.

There’s quite a few little games and gadgets that are quite affordable and suitable for Secret Santa. The Escape Room Game caught my eye because of how popular Escape Rooms are right now. Both children and adults seem to love the challenge and this game involves puzzles that are physical, brainteasers and number challenges. It comes with 16 puzzles and the padlock. For £10 you could have a Christmas games night sorted.

Skinny Dip is one of those brands that I love seeing all their different accessories and designs but I didn’t realise they’d feature in Superdrug’s Christmas collection. I was drawn in by both how practical the Skinny Dip Makeup Roll is and also the holographic design. It’s £16 for a makeup bag with added storage space designed for makeup brushes. Quite handy for travelling.

The last gift in my top picks is another beauty one and another gift set from one of my favourite beauty brands. I use, and have used, a lot of L'Oreal products for years. It's not the sort of brand that you would normally get a bundle of products in a gift set but I'm glad they've brought out the L'Oreal Beauty Like a Boss Gift Set this year. The £20 set includes a micellar water, a clay mask and mascara. The cost averages out to similar to what you would pay individually so it’s not particularly a bargain but more a convenient gift.
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