Primark Wishlist | Cosy, Christmas & Mean Girls

It’s official, it’s Autumn. All of the Summer clothes have been replaced by warm, cosy knitwear and the sparkly Christmas stuff is sneaking it’s way in. Although Primark don’t have a maternity range I’m looking forward to raiding the new in section and sizing up where possible. It’s all the light colours catching my eye this season – greys, beiges and pinks.

Everyone knows Primark does the best pyjamas. Coming home from work and changing straight into your pyjamas is one of the best things about the darks nights and winter time. I’m loving the Grey Check Pyjamas that are only £8. You definitely wouldn’t get as many funny looks lounging in these as you would in your Disney PJs.

I’ve got loads of jumpers in my wardrobe (not all of them fit just now, mind you) and I still feel like I’ve got to get at least one new one. I quite like the neckline of the Beige Fluffy Jumper, it’s available in white too but I think I’m far too clumsy for white. £10 is a good price tag for a cosy jumper to see you through Winter.

The night out and party items are slowly coming in and I LOVE this Pink Satin Midi Skirt. It’s such a girly piece that I actually think I might be able to pull off with a bump. It’s £13 so definitely a more affordable option than the equivalent on the rest of the high street.
Our Christmas tree is quite girly. It’s covered in lots of personalised baubles, remembering things like our first Christmas in the house and the year we got engaged or married. Lots of the other baubles are glittery with a fair few of them being white, pink, silver or gold. We’ve got a couple of Disney tree decorations but I can’t quite believe how perfect their newest Pink Disney Bauble Set is. There’s 26 pieces in it so it’ll be handy for the extra tree that I now want for our new dining room and it’s only £12.

Primark always does a good range of blouses and I love the look of the black and white Dotty Blouse. It’s got a hint of animal print style and it’s only £8 making it a good option for a workwear wardrobe or the sort of top you might wear to go out for dinner or something smart/casual.

Primark has some amazing Mean Girls merchandise out. There’s a bag that looks like a Burn Book and as much as I love it it’s just not super practical, is it? Something I am much more likely to use however is the Mouse Mean Girls Makeup Bag. It’s only £5 so it would make a good stocking filler or Secret Santa present too.
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