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Now that our nursery has been decorated (and I wait for my husband to get his DIY on with the cot and radiator cover) I've started to think about buying a few bits and pieces. There's so much to think about and I don't want to go overboard but we're 23 weeks and it does no harm to look...

We've already got a few rabbit themed baby items and decorative pieces, naturally because of our lovely lionhead rabbit, there's a rabbit theme throughout loads of rooms. When thinking about nursery items I've seen a few play mats coming up and whether this would lie on the floor in our living room, dining room or nursery this Grey Rabbit Play Mat would fit right in in our house.

The same day we found out we were having a boy an advert for popped up on my Facebook and I loved how cute the Buzz Lightyear Sleep Suit was. We both absolutely love Toy Story so we're both up for anything Toy Story themed for our little boy and this is absolutely adorable. They've got a few other characters like Woody, Mr Potato Head and a Pizza Planet Alien.

We've still not chosen our pram or car seat, though I'm definitely gravitating to a few in particular. Because I'm looking at them quite frequently I'm getting a lot of adverts relating to it, including one for a Snoozy's Blanket. These myHummy blankets can be used as a pram blanket or playmat and are 60% off right now.

Primark probably has the most affordable baby clothes and accessories and while browsing through their website I had to stop on the Lion King Muslins. My sister-in-law was giving me lists of things to stock up on and muslin clothes was really high up on her list so already I've got a few plain ones but how cute is the print on these! 

Matalan has a good selection of baby clothes and I was drawn in by lots of the cosy items, especially as we'll have a Winter baby. The Stripe Cardigan with Ears caught my eye and with sizes from newborn all the way up to 18 months I think there's a good chance I head back onto the Matalan website and buy one.

I was looking on the Asda website for nursery furniture and travel system reviews and it wasn't long before I wondered off looking at other bits and pieces. It think because I already had the Toy Story theme in my mind I had to click on the Dino Hooded Towel, it's got such Rex vibes. This would be great for bath times but I'm also thinking ahead to our first holiday to Portugal in August.
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