Wedding Anniversary | Create a Memory Capsule

A wedding day is possibly one of the happiest days in the life of any person. It’s a magical unification of two people where they can display their love for one another in front of their loved ones. We wish that the feelings of this day could last forever.Well, how about this, why not create a wedding time capsule on your first anniversary and open it on your tenth? 

Find a Sturdy Receptacle 
As with most first steps, this one is probably the most important, you will need something solid, non-biodegradable and absolutely waterproof. You should also take into consideration, size, in this instance it really does matter. 

Each Write A Letter
One self-explanatory step here, writing each other a letter and placing it first in the capsule is a great idea. Marriage can be tough for even the strongest of couples, but being reminded of how in love you are now, in ten years’ time will be an incredibly wonderful moment.

Place in Something you Wore on your Big Day
Now, when taking into consideration what to place in, maybe don’t place your wedding dress in there. Something small will suffice, for the bride, it could be a bridal hairpin, ok the groom probably won’t have accessorised so he could purchase something along the lines of a kilt pin from somewhere like the Highland Kilt Company, of course, if the groom didn’t wear a kilt, you could always use his shoelaces.

Make a Prediction
A great idea for any time capsule is to make a prediction but it is so much more important for a wedding one. When you place in your prediction, you will find that this slowly becomes your personal aspiration for the marriage. 

Partners Choice
You should each pick two items, that you won’t mind burying for nine years of course and place them into the capsule, the psychological effect when you dig these items up will be so mind-blowing. The way humans associate feelings with objectsis alone enough to bring back some of those butterflies, even after ten years of marriage.

Find the Right Spot
Finally, the time has come when you will bury your capsule. Make sure it’s sealed and cannot open. It may even be an idea to use some duct tape. Now, remember, don’t dig too deep and also make sure you are burying it in a location you will still have access to in nine years’ time. Make sure to mark the location, maybe with a large painted rock, something that just reminds the bride and groom of their secret capsule that they have buried.

That’s it, all that is left to do now is to enjoy the first ten years of your marriage. It will be time to dig up your capsule before you know it. Who knows, you may even repeat the process for your twentieth anniversary. 
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