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Planning a party these days is a lot harder than say, a decade or two ago. This is because there’s just so much choice for food, there are more dietary requirements, there are more entertainment options and there are lots of fun activities that you can go out and participate in as part of your party. There’s just an overwhelming amount of choice when it comes to picking what you want your party to be about, so how do you go about choosing the best option for your needs?

One way to make your party stand out is to have some really memorable activities. Whether it’s for a hen party, a birthday party or celebrating a special event in the family, here’s four ways to spice up your event with some memorable activities.
1. Make up your own drink

Parties and alcohol are synonymous, so why not make it a special occasion by mixing together your very own drink? Creating your own cocktail can be a lot of fun, especially if you’re an aspiring mixologist and there are countless ways to mix in your favourite ingredients or even something to mark the occasion. Name it something to commemorate the event and don’t be afraid to give out the recipe so that your guests can recreate the magic at home or at their next event.

2. If it’s a public event, support all of the social media users

Whether it’s creating a hashtag so that people at the party can share and remember their photographs or even uploading and saving everything to a website full of fun memories and embarrassing photographs, it’s important to appeal to the younger social media-influenced crowd so they have things to share for likes, comments and shares. Trying to lock down the internet (like some parties have tried) only makes the party seem old fashioned. Social media is a part of our lives now and being able to share pictures and stories is a great way to make an event more memorable.
3. Add a photo booth to your event

Hiring a photo booth isn’t very expensive and gives you a fantastic way to make fun memorable photos and allow your guests to take pictures with each other in fancy costumes. This is a perfect activity for seasonal events like Halloween or Easter where you can rent out different props and costumes. There are many photo booth packages that are important to look through before you hire a booth to ensure that everyone gets to have fun and take home some wonderful memories.

4. Focus on interaction, not music!

One of the biggest mistakes at any party is hiring a DJ and getting them to play stuff on full blast. A memorable party should have plenty of interactions so that people can chat, catch up and throw jokes at each other. Don’t make the music the star of the show unless you’ve managed to hire a well-known DJ. Even then, don’t turn up the volume to ear-blasting levels because you want people to engage each other to chat.
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