New Nails Day | French Ombre

My last set of nails were holiday nails, they were bright and bold and looked amazing sparkling in the sun. Since we've come home I could probably count the nice Summery days on one hand and it actually feels a lot more like Autumn and Winter than I'm probably ready for. With that I wanted the sunshine nails to be replaced but didn't want to go extreme and dive straight in with the blacks or burgundies. Instead I went for French Ombre.

French Ombre is such a classic and sophisticated nail look. It's perfect for a special occasion and it's actually what I had on my nails for my wedding and honeymoon. The harsh lines of a French Manicure have been replaced by the faded, subtle effect of the Ombre and I just love it. This design is done using two gels from The Gel Bottle - Builder in a Bottle 18 and Builder in a Bottle White. BIAB 18 is a nude that includes a primer and base so it's the perfect nude to use to avoid bulky looking nails. 

Naturally I didn't just stop at a plain set of French Ombre nails. I had to include a bit of glitter and Magpie Beauty had the perfect one for the job - Crystal. It's a gorgeous white glitter mixed with multi-coloured iridescent glitter. I always love a bit of glitter on my ring finger to join the bling of my engagement and wedding ring. Not to be left out I added a gem to both thumb nails. 

I'm sure it won't be long until the dark colours make a return. When do you start to gravitate towards the Autumnal colours for your nails? My next appointment is before a wedding so I know I'll definitely be looking for a bit of rose gold to match my fascinator and shoes. 
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