Maternity Dress Wishlist | Special Occasions

I've got a couple of weddings coming up in the next few months. My sister-in-law gets married in September and a friend gets married in November. I would usually be really organised, buying a dress and all the accessories well in advance so I'd know exactly what the whole outfit was going to look like. However, since becoming pregnant I feel like I have no idea what my body will be like and can't plan too far ahead. In fact, the last wedding we attended I got the dress just 3 days beforehand. I thought I'd better start getting organised and instead of looking at bump flattering styles it's time to explore the world of maternity ranges. 

There's definitely a lot less choice when it comes to maternity special occasion dresses compared to "regular" women's dresses, especially considering my usual go to places to look would be Quiz or Pink Boutique and neither of these stores have a maternity range. Thankfully though Boohoo and ASOS have a huge selection and with a little bit of searching I've found 5 gorgeous options.
I've seen this Boohoo dress all over the internet both from the regular range, plus size and maternity. It's a flattering length, has statement sleeves and a gorgeous neckline. It comes in 6 different colours but naturally pink was my favourite.

I've been gravitating towards skater style a lot more recently and this dress from the Katie Piper collection is simple but stylish. Again it's got the off the shoulder style and comes in a few colours. I quite like navy with blush accessories so this is a definite contender. 

I often head to Chi Chi London when I'm looking for a special occasion and I was glad to see they had a maternity range. I love the pleated skirt style and this dress means you don't have to try and find a top to go with it. 

With our last two weddings of 2019 being in the Autumn I'm tempted to add a bit of sparkle to my outfit and this maxi dress is absolutely gorgeous. The wrap top is flattering and the tie sits nicely at the top of the bump.

I wouldn't normally go for something so bright in September but I actually quite like the vibrant colour along with the long sleeves and midi length. The asymmetric frill adds a bit of something different. This dress is scuba style material which will be thick and quite flattering.
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