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When we moved into our house we had a bedroom which we lovingly nicknamed the ugly room. You only have to look at the photo to guess why. Bright blue walls, green woodwork and a red gloss ceiling. It was the last room we tackled when we were redecorating and even then all we did was paint everything white just to remove all traces of brightness. This room was only going to be a spare room so there was no need to giving proper TLC, that was until May this year. This room was no longer going to be a spare room/junk room and will soon become the baby's nursery.
With both of us off work we kick started the work to transform this room from a blank canvas into something a little more cosy. The first step was clearing out the room, which involved a fair bit of decluttering, rearranging furniture in our bedroom and giving up half of my dressing room to house the spare bed. Then onto the DIY. We started by removing the wall paper and lining paper. After 5 hours of scraping we were left with a room covered in floral wallpaper that's possibly been there since the house was built in the 1950's! We've also lifted the red carpet that I've hated since 2015 ready to buy something a lot more neutral. Now we need to start buying... 

While we've started to think about what colour carpet and paint to buy and whether to have a feature wall with wallpaper I've started to put together a nursery Wishlist with some furniture and accessories that have caught my eye. Because we don't know if we're having a boy or a girl everything is quite gender neutral and grey and white at the moment.

Lots of websites have a selection of wallpapers specifically for nurseries and children's rooms and both my husband and I like the Little Ones Stars Wallpaper from World of Wallpaper. I like the idea of one wall papered with the rest painted and I think Ashen White Dulux Paint is quite a nice shade of grey.

I've got quite a few Storage Baskets throughout our house from TK Maxx. They're brilliant for keeping things neat and organised and a few of these are bound to be handy for nappies, wipes, muslins, socks or toys. The list could go on. There's quite a few different designs and they're not limited to grey and white either. 

Not strictly furniture or accessories but something I'm keen to get for the nursery is a Ewan the Dream Sheep. I've seen so many people rave about this sleep aid with night light, white noise and heartbeat recordings. I could imagine this cute little sheep sitting in the corner of the cot.

We've already got a Chicco Next To Me Crib for the newborn stages so I've been looking at cot beds that will work from about 6 months then converting into a bed for up to around 2 years old. I like the look of the Tutti Bambini Sleigh Cot Bed and I think the drawer underneath will be handy too. 

Perhaps not strictly for the bedroom but a few of my friends and family have had a beanbag for their baby. I think the Stars Gaga Beanbag is very cute but maybe one of the Gaga to Junior beanbags might be a better investment.

The last little accessory for the nursery is 3 Cloud Shelves from Mr Housey, a homeware website I've seen on Facebook and Instagram. An adorable way of adding a little bit more storage whether it's for keepsakes, frames or special toys.
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