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When it comes to my haircare routine I've got products and hair tools that I've been using for years, products I mix and match with and some that I've maybe not used that long but that I couldn't live without. I love finding out about new hair products and it's always interesting to see how people actually achieve their hair look. So the best way to share exactly what I love and use is by sharing my Current Haircare Routine. 
I've used quite a few different hair products from TIGI, especially the Bed Head range. They have so many shampoos, conditioners and styling products that are perfect for different hair types and conditions. I also quite like being able to have a huge bottle that keeps me going for months, especially when it's a product I know works well with my hair. The current two I'm loving is the TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Shampoo and TIGI Dumb Blonde Reconstructor. These products are obviously designed for blonde hair, without being a purple shampoo. These are both about reconstructing and caring for chemically treated hair and everyone knows being blonde is hard work with the chemicals. I find both the shampoo and conditioner work well to strengthen my hair and reduce breakages. They don't dry out my hair and the products don't build up too much while still smoothening, softening and hydrating.
I mentioned that the TIGI products are not purple shampoos and that means they don't work to tone or remove any brassiness. That's where Fanola No Yellow Shampoo comes into the equation. I think this is probably the best purple shampoo I've ever used and I absolutely love the results it gives. It does an amazing job of brightening up and refreshing my blonde hair when it starts to look a little yellow or dull. I use this shampoo once a week or fortnight. It's definitely a shampoo that doesn't need to be used too often or else you run the risk of having purple tones. If you've got dyed blonde hair, whether it's all over, highlights, ombre or balayage I'd definitely recommend Fanola for removing any unwanted warm tones.

Another shampoo that I use less frequently than my TIGI Dumb Blonde Duo is The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Shampoo. I use this once or twice a month for cleansing the scalp and removing any build up of product. I started using this when I found my hair getting greasier and what a difference it's made. It's a refreshing shampoo that really cleanses. I'd probably use it as my regular shampoo if it wasn't for the fact I need something really hydrating for the ends.
After washing my hair comes the dreaded task of drying it. I used to avoid drying my hair and hated having to do it but these two definitely make a difference to the time and effort that it takes. I apply the Lee Stafford Air Dry Cream Lite to the middle to ends of my hair after lightly towel drying it. This lightweight cream smells amazing but also helps to moisturise and soften my hair while acting as a heat protectant. It's a good hair styling product for defrizzing and protecting.

The ghd air hairdryer is definitely a pricer hairdryer, though not quite the investment that a Dyson is! I've been using this hairdryer for over 4 years and still love it. It's cut the time it used to take to dry my hair in half and helps create a smooth blow-dry. I find it not too heavy so I don't get a sore arm, fed up or bored while drying my long, porous hair. If you're fed up with how long it takes to dry your hair I'd highly recommend checking out the ghd air hairdryer - it's worth every penny!
I've been a Tangle Teezer fan for about 10 years which is crazy to think. I bought my first one when I was in uni and then a few years later I got a Purple Glitter Original Tangle Teezer to replace my pink one that was looking a bit tired but also to give me a back up. I used to find my hair was really knotted and a pain to brush but the Tangle Teezer glides through my hair with ease. I can't actually imagine my hair routine without it. 

Speaking of OG products, I know lots of people have drifted away from ghd straighteners and tried different brands but I still love my ghd eclipse straighteners. I've still got my old ghds from about 2007 and have them stashed away as a back up, I think the fact that they still work in 2019 just goes to show that ghd are worth the investment. I find ghds straighten my hair quickly, gives a smooth finish and actually last. These straighteners heat up quickly, have a good length of cable and have a safety feature in case of any of those 'did I turn off my straighteners' moments.
I certainly don't wash my hair every day. I usually wash it every 2 or 3 days, depending on how I've got it styled and with a little help from Batiste Rose Gold Dry Shampoo. It's a brilliant dry shampoo for quickly refreshing my roots and making my hair last an extra day. I find because my hair is light I don't have to worry about looking like I've got white or grey roots but I know lots of people with dark hair aren't as big a fan. I definitely find it works best if you spray it in your hair at night then sleep on it and brush it in the morning. This gives it more of a chance of getting to work.

I quite like mixing between straight hair and having some big, wavy curls. My favourite hair tool for this is my Babyliss Pro Large Conical Wand. This is my most recent hair tool purchase and I absolutely love it. This creates a big curl that holds all day but can also be used to create more of a beachy wave or even a tighter curl as part of an up do. It's amazing how versatile a curling wand can actually be.
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