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Unfortunately my 6 weeks of holidays are nearly up and it's back to work time. At 19 weeks pregnant my work wardrobe doesn't fit the same as it used to and I thought I'd better get some maternity wear to get me ready to get back in the classroom. I tried to find some maternity bits and pieces in store when I was in Livingston but unfortunately Top Shop, New Look and H&M had nothing. Seems that's the case for lots of places and online shopping is the way forward. One of the places that seemed to have good trendy pieces at decent prices was Boohoo. Everything had 20% off so it was even less than the price that I mention, I feel like you can always save a bit from Boohoo.

I started off with a few smock style dresses. Throwing on a dress with a pair of tights and pumps or boots is going to be an easy outfit option as we move into Autumn and Winter. My favourite pick was definitely the Leopard Print Smock Dress at £16. It's quite a lightweight fabric but not at all see through. The next dress has a really similar cut, the Stripe Ruffle Sleeve Smock Dress also £16. This is a thick, good quality material which holds it's shape really well. It's also a little longer and I feel like it's a bit more smart casual than the animal print trend.

The next two dresses are cheaper and I would say this is definitely reflected in the quality of the material, though they're still not see through they definitely look best with tights. They're both quite similar to each other as they're floral print but this time one is smock style while the other is a tea dress so a little bit more like a skater dress. Although the Floral Print Smock Dress, which is £15, has pinks and reds I feel like it's not too summery. 

The Floral Print V Neck Tea Dress on the other hand is a bit more bright and ditsy. It's also £15 and has slightly frillier sleeves. Unfortunately I think the V Neck is just a little too low to be work appropriate so won't be keeping it but it would have been a good option for something slightly more dressy like going out for dinner.

One of my most worn items through the Summer have been a pair of black culottes. They're starting to feel a little snug and I thought I'd try the Over the Bump Culottes because they are only £12. They're really affordable and a good quality material so would be perfect for any late Summer days however they're no use for me. I definitely don't have a big enough bump yet so they looked a bit ridiculous on me and I think by the time my bump fills the bump section it'll be too cold to be wearing culottes.

A few more maternity basics I ordered included a 2 Pack of  Maternity Vests in white for £10 and Over the Bump Skinny Jeans for £20. The vest tops are quite thick material and though I bought them in my regular size they are too big around the arms and chest. I wear black jeans so often at home and work and thought it was worth trying out the Boohoo ones. My problem, however, is that I've got short legs and Boohoo only does one length of jeans so these were too long. Time to return them and continue my hunt for maternity jeans.

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