NOTD | Wedding Season

It's Summer wedding season and we're going to two in July. I know exactly what I'm wearing to one of them but for the second I'm torn between a couple of options. Because of that when it came to new nails day I wanted to go for something quite simple and versatile, but to be fair anything is simple and understated compared to my Spice Girls nails last month.

I kept the length of my nails, just filling them down slightly and reshaping them to be more defined Ballerina shaped. Then I went for one colour on all of them - Petal by The Gel Bottle. This is one of my favourite pink nude shades and the perfect base for a subtle girly look.

It wouldn't be my nails without a bit of glitter but I actually think this is the least in your face glitter I've had in about two years. I've got half a nail of Gemma smashed glitter from Magpie Beauty on my thumb and ring finger. It's a chunky iridescent glitter and just shines perfectly for a subtle sparkle. I've also got a line of The Gel Bottle Opal along the edge of my pointer finger but it's not very noticeable and only shimmers in certain lights.

My next set of nails are my holiday nails and I'm looking back at my hen party nails from last year and thinking I might need some of that pink back in my life or maybe a little bit of bright and colourful leopard print.
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