NOTD | Summer Holiday Ready

It's holiday nails time! My last set of nails were subtle and wedding guest appropriate so I booked my next nails for straight after, getting me ready to jet off to Turkey. I wanted something bright and bold, but also something that will sparkle in the sunshine. I would say I 100% achieved that.

Normally I would get a symmetrical design meaning whatever was on one hand would be exactly the same as the other but this time I went for something a little less 'structured'. Starting off with the vivid pink that is sure to stand out in the sunshine - The Gel Bottle Madonna. This was from the Spring Collection and I've been waiting to use it in the Summer.

I love a bit of white and The Gel Bottle Daisy is one of the best but I quite often find after a couple of weeks the colour had faded or stained, especially if I'm going to be using suncream multiple times of the day. So I've added a bit of white in two different ways - through ombre and with white nails protected with a bit of glitter. The glitter on my plain white nails is  Magpie Beauty Flossy. It's a white unicorn glitter and absolutely gorgeous.

The ombre nail was done using a sponge blending Madonna into Daisy. On top is Magpie Beauty Blossom. Blossom is an ultra fine white gold glitter that adds a little bit of sparkle to the ombre and it distracts away from there being a 'line'.
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