Life Update | We're Having a Baby

I've been a little quiet recently, partly because I've been suffering from end-of-termitis and just counting down the days to freedom from work. However there's been something else that's stopped me in my tracks slightly... We're having a baby!
I'm currently 13 weeks pregnant and on the 1st of July we had our scan which confirmed there's a JalapeƱo, or Clownfish or lemon sized baby growing safely inside of me. The 1st of July also meant we could finally share our secret that we've tried so hard to keep under wraps since the 8th of May.

We went all Pinterest vibes without our pregnancy announcement and bought a personalised baby grow from The Print House. I created a January 2020 calendar to show our 10th of January due date and most importantly we featured one of our scan photos. The more I look at the scan picture, the more I can't believe how clear it was on 12+3 weeks. 

I've kept a little record of some of the big dates we've had so far including the day we found out and then the day we doubled checked by buying a fancy Clear Blue Digital test just to see the word Pregnant. We also told our parents just before our booking appointment at the hospital and for that I made both my parents and my husband's a box which contained a January calendar and a 'Surprise You're Going To Be Grandparents' baby grow (and for my Mum and Dad I included a little card that says again as their first grandchild was born last August.)

Now the secret's out it's time to start thinking baby essentials. Advice definitely welcome!
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