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Having 6 weeks off work is total bliss. I talked about how amazing it is to be able to recharge my batteries but it's also an amazing opportunity to get stuff done. From things I've been putting off like a wardrobe sort out to DIY that takes a bit of time like refreshing the paint on the doors. But when you've got a lot of time on your hands you can actually end up being really unproductive, putting off jobs because you know you've got time tomorrow or the next week. If I don't have a list I could waste away day after day and not really achieving much. Thankfully I've been putting my Daily Goal Setter Planner to good use and making every day count.

The Daily Goal Setter is a high quality, well organised planner from Mal Paper. You just need to open up at the Contents pages to see how much is packed in the 244 pages. It might not seem like a big deal but each page is 100gsm which means you can use both sides of each page without being annoyed by the writing showing through - I can't stand thin paper. The quality doesn't stop at the paper, the planner has a faux leather soft back cover which feels really quite posh. It comes in black, grey and pink so naturally I went for the pink. On the inside there's a document holder at the back and two ribbon dividers to save time looking for your latest list.

If you're a bit new to setting goals there's loads of great advice and information at the beginning of the planner. From SMART goals to having a positive mindset. I'm loving looking back at each of my days and weeks and thinking about what I've achieved and what I'm grateful for. Celebrating the little wins is important on a day when I'm struggling with nausea and just being able to keep my eyes open!

One of my favourite things about the Daily Goal Setter planner is that each page is undated. I hate when I start a planner with good intentions then have a week on holiday and have a big gap in the book and feel like it's starting to go to waste. So even if we have a chilled out Sunday or a week off in Turkey then I don't need to worry about any of my pretty pink planner being wasted. But if it was to be used 7 days a week it would last 6 months.

Whether its the weekly review sections or the daily pages I love how much space I've got to build my to-do lists. The little circles for ticking off each task is extremely satisfying but in a clean, simple, effective manner. At the back of the planner is a yearly calendar covering both 2019 and 2020. So although each page isn't dated you can still keep track of big events throughout the year using this simple, easy to follow calendar. Obviously the first date that was circled is our due date at the beginning of 2020 but we'll also have lots of other exciting dates to highlight like the next 3 weddings of 2019 and one so far for 2020.

I love having my Daily Goal Setter Planner sitting out on my desk or coffee table at home and it fits nicely in my handbag for when I'm on the go. I'd recommend checking out the Mal Paper website to see if this planner might suit your lifestyle. Priced at £20.95 with free deliver in the UK it's a brilliant way to bring mindfulness into your life and help declutter your thoughts.
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