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The Summer holidays are up there with one of the biggest perks of teaching. I'm so ready to recharge my batteries, to enjoy the warmer weather and binge watch Netflix when the weather isn't quite on my side. Having the chance to turn off my alarm for 6 weeks is amazing but because I need complete darkness to sleep the bright mornings can make those lie ins a bit harder to achieve. I find myself waking up when the sun does and struggling to get back to sleep. We had blackout blinds and curtains but they weren't quite cutting it and  I was starting to think it was all down to our ill-fitting, cheap blinds. It was time for a new set of Blackout Roller Blinds in time for the Summer and Make My Blinds was the perfect place to look.

Make My Blinds is a UK based company that sells a huge range of made to measure blinds to suit any style, whether it's wooden blinds, skylight blinds or ones for your conservatory. I was so impressed by their wide range of blackout blinds in plain colours, across the rainbow and every shade of neutral. I picked out the Amor Polished Stone Blackout Roller Blind* for our bedroom and a slightly lighter Amor Soft Grey Blackout Roller Blindfor our spare (and rabbit's) room. Our bedroom is grey with a bit of colour from different bedding while our spare room is very much a blank canvas and a room that could do with a little TLC.

Our bedroom has quite a large window measuring at 180cm wide and a drop of 100cm.  Lot's of the blinds on Make My Blinds have a little discount making the price of the Amor Polished Stone Blackout Roller Blind just less than £65 while our smaller spare room has a 130cm wide window and a price tag of £57. The blinds are really high quality, I was impressed by how durable and thick the material is and I quickly realised just why there was so much light seeping in through our last 'blackout' blinds. Although the blinds aren't waterproof they're wipe clean so they're suitable for a bedroom, kitchen or even a bathroom. 

Make My Blinds has a really easy to follow guide for measuring so you can be confident that you're ordering the right size. You can choose from 3 different sizings - recess, exact and fabric. We went for a recess fit as that's the style we've gone for throughout our house. You can also choose whether to have the control on the left or the right. The control chain really impressed me, quite often they're flimsy and cheap but that certainly isn't the case with these blinds. I feel like no amount of pulling is going to break this chain. 

Delivery is free on orders over £149 and £6.99 for orders that are less. It took less than 10 days to go from picking out the perfect blinds to them arriving. They were really well packaged ensuring that nothing was damaged but also making installation easy to begin. We didn't have to rake around trying to find which pieces matched which blind.

It took less than 20minutes to fit both blinds - very much a hassle free homeware update. The brackets were really high quality and because the blinds are a perfect fit there was no faffing about with cutting. Make My Blinds has installation guides and videos so if you're not quite sure what you're doing you can be guided through step by step. Both blinds came with a safety device which we typically wouldn't be too quick to fit but because of our little news we ensured both sets of blinds had the chain held in place with the easy to install safety feature. 

If you're considering updated any rooms then I'd highly recommend checking out Make My Blinds. With the opportunity to order up to 20 free samples you're sure to find the perfect match to any room and with 4 year guarantee you know your money is well spent. Here's to 6 weeks of good nights sleep!
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