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There’s something appealing about the idea of a holiday home*. For the cautious holidaymaker, it’s a home away from home. You’re guaranteed to love it because you’ve made it to your tastes. But a holiday property offers a lot more than a convenient and trusted place to relax. It is an investment strategy too. Indeed, did you know that some holiday homes can literally pay for themselves? You could use your rental income to pay the mortgage and necessary maintenance costs. But, more importantly, a holiday home is a creative project. If you enjoy creating a cosy and tasteful decor, you will enjoy the challenge of making a home for someone else. Indeed, for many holidaymakers, rentals are the prospect of a home away from home. Effectively, you are the homemaker who can provide your guests with a space that is welcoming, elegant, and peaceful. Are you up for the challenge? 
Keep your eyes open for an opportunity
Let’s be honest; you are unlikely to stumble upon the perfect holiday home without doing your homework in the first place. Indeed, finding a spacious house for sale can be a time-demanding process, during which you need to define your budget and essential criteria such as location or the condition of the property. A typical rule of thumb is to opt for an accessible location among tourists but to make sure that the property can also offer the peaceful retreat holidaymakers need – in other words, pick a quiet spot in a trendy vacation destination. You can find newly built properties with all the latest tech and systems. But if you’re working with a limited budget, you might need to compromise on the condition of the house. A property that needs repairs and improvement works is likely to be more affordable. 

Getting on with the essential repairs
Typically, you should run a house survey before considering making an offer on the property. Indeed, the survey will be your best ally in figuring out how much the holiday home will cost you. A survey inspector can identify for you the main problem areas – in old properties, you can expect the insulation and the electric and plumbing systems to need replacing. Using their report, you can also work closely with experts to determine and plan your repair costs. 

What home improvements do you really need? 
Aside from repairs, your holiday home might also need essential improvements to become a haven of peace for your guests. Indeed, you want to make the place feel as cosy as possible, and that includes considering the needs of the typical holidaymaker. Most people opt for rentals because they can accommodate large groups of friends or families more conveniently than hotel rooms. Think about it what the most common complaint in a small home is: The queue to get to the bathroom! You should consider adding an extra bathroom to the property. You may not need to build an extension; most contractors agree that there are many places where you can squeeze a bathroom without needing extensive remodelling work. 

The extra decor touches that go a long way
Every home deserves a decor that invites guests to relax. If you’re unsure where to start, take inspiration from similar holiday rentals. For instance, your beach holiday home could mimic the maritime charms with hues of blues and a collection of seascapes. Make sure to pick materials that are suitable for your location; to go back to your beach house, water-friendly furniture is a no-brainer.
On the other hand, a rural cottage could get a vintage gingham style that is reminiscent of the countryside look and feel. And, finally, give your outdoors some love. If you’ve got a garden, an elegant makeover can help to make your guests feel at home from the moment they push the gate open. Remember to pack garden furniture in a secured location – the shed or the garage – to encourage your guests to enjoy their stay. 
Now all you need is to make your guests feel welcome
Last but not least, how do you make people you don’t know feel welcome in your holiday home? As a host, you need to be honest about your property. Be completely transparent about what is included and what isn’t. It’s common practice to leave a welcome hamper, but if you do, you should check with your guests for dietary requirements.  

Becoming a holiday home host is an exciting adventure for anyone who enjoys home improvements and interior styles. Turning a rental into a home away from home is a challenge that forces you to take into account your guests’ requirements, from transportation to comfort. But one thing is for sure, becoming a homemaker is the only way to turn your property into a guests’ favourite! 

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