Primark Summer Wishlist | Holiday Booked

With less than a week left at work (the end is nearly in sight!) we have finally booked our Summer holiday. We've spoken about it for weeks and have been looking at hotels, dates and prices but never really finding the right combination. Thankfully the holiday arrangements aren't my responsibility and my husband kept searching when my enthusiasm began lacking and he booked an amazing hotel in Turkey for our 1st Wedding Anniversary. With just about a month to go it's time to start thinking outfits, packing and what I'm lacking. A visit to Primark is definitely going to be needed and there's a few things I've got my eye on...

I love a jumpsuit for night times on holiday and playsuits for during the day. They're convenient and stylish but can also be a little more comfortable than a dress. I'm hoping my Primark has the Stripe Playsuit in store as I'm loving the bright colours and simple pattern. It's only £8 too making it an affordable outfit for a day in the sun. Lots of my bikinis are from Primark, partly because I can't justify spending loads when I'll only be wearing it once or twice a year, but also because I always find they fit me well. The Animal Print Bikini Top and Bottoms come separately which is handy for getting a good size combination. The top is £4 and the bottoms are £3 - not bad for a bikini set.

I often buy pretty sandals with diamant√©'s, flowers or bows but this year I'm thinking practical for around the pool; a comfy pair of sliders. Obviously I'll still wear my little sparkly sandals at night times but a simple pair of Rainbow Sliders for £5 will be just what I need to go from the poolside to the bar, restaurant or beach. I'm not 100% sure when I'd wear the Beige Drawstring Top, and maybe it's not even something that would be in my case for going to Turkey but I just like the style and fit of the £10 top. There's a lot of neutral colours about for Spring/Summer 2019 and this would look good with a pair of jeans heading out for dinner at home.

Finishing off with accessories and beauty products. As soon as I saw the Toy Story Vanity Bag on Instagram I shared it with my husband and knew I had to hunt it down. It's £6 and probably not at all necessary but I think it would be quite good for keeping all the suncreams, insect repellent and hair products that we both need to us on holiday, that way there's no raking around in amongst my makeup and stuff. Speaking of hair products Primark has brought out quite a good range of shampoos and conditioners. The Summer Hair Conditioner with a watermelon scent and strengthening promises is £1.50. Now because I didn't book the holiday I don't actually know what time our flight is but there's a high chance it's some middle of the night, ridiculous time. I'm very tempted by the £2 Airplane Mode Eye Mask to help myself get a couple of hours sleep. 
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