NOTD | Spice Girls Ready

We've been counting down since November and it's finally the week of the Spice World Reunion Tour. In preparation for the big girls weekend I got my nails done and it's fair to say I went all out with the Spice Girls theme. Every nail represents a different spice girl, even Posh got a look in even though she's not there for the occasion. It's got to be said, my bestie is amazing at nails and even this challenge didn't end our friendship!

Starting off with the thumb - this is my nod to Sport Spice. Lots of pictures on Pinterest were  going for blue and yellow or white stripes hinting at the Adidas outfits Mel C used to wear. I didn't fancy this so instead went for Jet Black, The Gel Bottle Inc colour, with diagonal stripes of #Bling, a foil style silver glitter.

Onto my Baby Spice nail I chose the ultimate pink glitter. This chunky pink glitter is Minnie by Magpie Beauty. It's applied with Magpie Beauty Give Me Strength Structure Gel which gives it a full coverage finish.

Now for the big one - the half Union Jack to signify the famous dress that Ginger Spice wore at the 1997 BRIT awards. This started off with a Royal Navy base coat then a cross and diagonal lines were drawn on with Daisy using a thin brush. The flag was finished off with Holly on top of the white lines. I don't think they could have actually turned out better!

The obvious option for my Scary Spice nail was leopard print and because it's bang on trend right now this is something I've had before. This starts off with Eve as a base colour then using a dotting tool N93 creates the print along with Jet Black applied with a Detail Brush

Lastly I've got Jet Black on my pinky with a sprinkle of Tara by Magpie Beauty at the base of my nail. This is my Posh Spice nail and I feel like it brings together the silver and black of my thumb and finishes off the design.
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