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When you're planning a wedding the food becomes a really big part of the day. Your guests will be there for nearly 12 hours of the day you want to make sure they've got tasty canap├ęs, a spectacular meal and a decent buffet to soak up all the alcohol. We had outside caterers for our marquee wedding and they made sure everything ran smoothly when it came to the savoury food. This meant we could think about all the guests like me who've got a bit of a sweet tooth. With everything from cheesecake, a donut wall, a sweetie table and homemade Scottish tablet there was definitely enough sugar and sweetness.

We knew right from the beginning that we didn't want a regular wedding cake. As much as you can get the most beautiful, and delicious sponge cakes with a huge variety of flavours we always knew that wasn't us. Instead we opted to have a cheesecake wedding cake. This certainly didn't come without its stresses. We were getting married in the middle of Summer, would it stay standing? How long could it be on display? Would we have a fridge to store it at the venue? How would we serve it to our guests? Where can we get a stand? How can we choose just three flavours? It certainly wasn't the easy option but boy am I glad we went with what we wanted. We had white chocolate with strawberries, raspberries and edible glitter on the top tier. Chocolate and Baileys on the middle tier and lastly salted caramel and homemade fudge on the bottom. They were frozen and taken out just a couple of hours before our cake cutting to ensure they would hold. They were then kept in a dedicated fridge ready to serve the next day to our friends and family who joined us for the day after. At the evening buffet we had mini cheesecakes in our three flavours, in little plastic cups served with spoons, which solved the how do you serve it dilemma. 

I bought the Mr and Mrs Heart Stand for on our Pimp Your Prosecco table. Realistically it's designed for Forrero Rochers but we're not massive fans and they've got to be up there as one of the most expensive sweets. Instead we went for Thorntons Moments as they're individually wrapped and a bit more cost effective. This was definitely a good little addition to the Prosecco table and it seemed every time some glitter, fruit or bubbles were added to the glasses a chocolate was devoured.

One of the things I had to convince my husband to have was a donut wall. I had seen them on Pinterest but never been to a wedding with one until just a month before our big day. When everyone else was happily tucking into bacon rolls during the dance I was enjoying munching away at a donut. That sold it to me. We hired our donut wall from a local sweet company but actually they're cheap from Ginger Ray or definitely something you could make DIY style. The day before the wedding we raided our local Tesco and bought all the donuts in a few different flavours. They were kept in their boxes under the sweetie table and one of the catering staff hung them up on the wall ready for the evening reception. This was definitely a  centrepiece on the sweetie table and a talking point among a lot of the guests. A few even took one home in a sweetie bag which I quickly copied preparing me for the next morning.

A sweetie table is really common at weddings and a firm favourite among young and old guests. They're definitely not for just for the kids, especially because we had no kids at our wedding and the sweetie table was well used. A sweetie table is so easy and quite affordable to do yourself. We bought a variety of storage jars and clip lid jars from Asda then got some pink and white plant pots from Lidl (quite similar to the Ikea ones). We ordered some of our favourite sweeties and mostly stuck to a pink or heart theme. We found Amazon to be quite a cheap option of buying sweeties in 1kg bags. This also meant we didn't have to worry about having a wholesale membership or having to pay postage. The paper bags cost about 1-2p per bag and stuck to the colour scheme. The scoops and tongs were all from Wish. I sold all of the supplies on Facebook after so it's worth looking there first if you're planning a Candy Cart.

Our last little sweet treat was dotted all around the venue in little ramekins that were part of my painted jar DIY centrepieces. One of our family friends made homemade Scottish tablet which was perfect with a cup of tea or coffee after dinner or to nibble away at after a few Ceilidh dances. These were easy to dish up the day before the wedding and cover with cling film but would also have made a good favour for guests to take away.

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  1. gorgeous ideas! the cakes look so good!