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It's not long until the Spice Girls Reunion Tour starts and it's fair to say I can't wait! My best friends and me are going to the Spice World 2019 UK tour in the beginning of June and the WhatsApp chat about all the plans are in full force. One of the hot topics is about what we're going to wear. There's so many different T-Shirt options and I think we've finally narrowed it down to the one we all like best. So in case you're planning to relive your childhood with a bit of Girl Power then here's some of the best Spice Girls T-Shirts out there.

The first one has the obligatory Scary Spice leopard print - the Spice Up Your Life T-shirt. This one is from Want That Trend, is less than £10 and has rolled sleeves which is quite a flattering look. I've shared the Spice It Up T-shirt from New Look before. It's even cheaper but with a white T-Shirt runs the risk of being see through. It's quite a subtle slogan top. And probably the most colourful top, the Zigazig Ah! T-shirt. This is an Amazon one 

A bit of an old school looking T-Shirt with a cartoon of the 5 band members on the front the Viva Forever T-shirt is from Etsy and actually comes in different colours, not just black and white. I'm loving the Swing It Shake It Move It Make It T-shirt and now I can't stop singing that  line over and over. The colours almost look holographic. Last up is the most expensive option because it's the Official Spice T-shirt. The classic Spice design. The original font and photos. A bit of colour. This is likely to be one of the ones on sale at all of the venues.

Did you get your hands on Spice Girls tickets? Now I've chosen my T-shirt I just have to suss out what else to wear. Leopard print skirt? Jeans? What's the weather going to do?!
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