NOTD | Bright & Summery

One of the best things about sharing each of my nail looks is being able to look back and remember the colours and combinations that I love - especially from season to season. That's exactly what happened when I was trying to think of a bright and summery design for this month. I looked back at my nails from last June and instantly knew I wanted to bring back the Summer Coral and Smashed Glitter.

Sunshine by The Gel Bottle is possibly the brightest colour I've ever had on my nails. It's an absolutely gorgeous neon coral and it totally catches everyones eye. This would be a beautiful colour for a set of holiday nails by why wait for sunny weather? Just like last time I had it, I paired it with a really bold chunky silver glitter. Rachel is a Magpie Beauty glitter from their Smashed Glitter Collection. It's like a proper glitter ball glitter and when it's applied mixed with Magpie Beauty's Give Me Strength it gives a really full, opaque but smooth coverage. 

Unlike my last sets of nails when I had some nail art with flowers, leopard print and hearts I kept my extra nails as ombre nails. On my thumb I was keen to have glitter at the base of the nail fading upwards. Instead of using Rachel I went for Tara. Still a silver glitter but with a wider range of sizes rather than large shards of sparkle.

Then on my other nail I had some more of Sunshine but this time blended into Dolly, a nude builder in a bottle from The Gel Bottle. I've seen quite a few sets of nails on Instagram with different colours on each tip just like this nail and think it's another good idea for a bright Summer look, especially if you can't choose just one colour.
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