Nip + Fab Skincare | First Impressions

One of my best friends shared the Nip + Fab website in our WhatsApp group the other day because they had loads of items on sale for just £5. I've used quite a few Nip + Fab products but would normally buy them through Superdrug, never thinking to go to their website. I decided to take advantage of some of the massive savings and try out some new products. 

When you spend over £25 you get free delivery and a free mini tub of Glycolic Fix Cleansing Pads with every order. The delivery was super quick which was handy to know if you're running low on skincare essentials. Being able to get a big selection of skincare and save over £50 in the process is definitely a little secret worth sharing.
The first thing I put in my basket was the Dragon's Blood Fix Jelly Mask. It was £5 in the sale instead of £14.95 and because the Dragon's Blood range is for hydrating and plumping skin it's probably the best suited to my skin. I've used a Dragon's Blood Serum and love the scent and how cooling it is on my skin so I knew the Jelly Mask would fit just nicely into my skincare bundle. The tub is huge with 210ml inside and it's sure to last for ages. The jelly is so refreshing on the skin and it really left my skin feeling healthy. I think this will be quite a nice one to use in the summer months with it moisturising and soothing at the same time. 

My second purchase wasn't actually from their skincare range but the makeup section. My favourite makeup to use everyday is concealer so I took advantage of their Concealer in Shade 15 being  £4.95 instead of £8.95. I'm not a massive fan of the brush applicator but I can bare with it for this high coverage concealer. I'm really impressed by the shade and how effective this concealer actually is. I've not had any breakouts from it yet either. I'm looking forward to putting this to the test properly. 

I've been trying my best to use an eye cream each night as part of my skincare routine. I've found a few that I'd repurchase but nothing has particularly wow'd be just yet so I'm always open to trying something new. With No Needle Fix Eye being £5 instead of £14.95 I though it was worth seeing what this 3-in-1 eye cream was like. It's meant to reduce puffiness, dark circles and expression lines and with 1 of those 3 being a concern for me it was worth a shot. I would say it's more of a gel than a cream and with that it's quite refreshing to use. Obviously using it once and twice hasn't shown much difference yet.

When I first saw the Glycolic Fix Liquid Glow Daily, which again was £5 instead of £16.95 - so one of the biggest savings- I thought it would be quite similar to Pixi Glow Tonic. It's got lots of ingredients for brightening, resurfacing, exfoliating, hydrating and nourishing skin. It's one of their best sellers and because it's meant to give a healthy, illuminated glow but having an everyday formula that definitely appealed to me. The reviews I've read are quite positive. I've used it a couple of times now and it does make my skin tingle a little but not in a painful or sensitive way. I would say it is quite comparable to Pixi Glow Tonic.

I bought Glycolic Scrub Fix Extreme and it's potentially the product that will disagree with my skin the most and maybe end up being donated to my husband. It was £5 instead of £12.95 and like most of the Exfoliate range it aims to give a brighter complexion, remove dead skin cells and unclog pores. The original Glycolic Fix Scrub has 3% Glycolic Acid whereas this Extreme scrub has 6%. It's also got salicylic acid and Aloe Vera so I'm hopeful that it will help the hormonal breakouts I seem to be getting on my chin and jawline. It's definitely a good scrub and hopefully just using it once or twice a week will work well on my skin. 

The last product I bought had the biggest saving from £19.95 down to £5. The Viper Venom Extreme Night Fix is from a different skincare range than I would typically look at as it's mostly focused towards Anti-aging. I was intrigued by the night cream gel as it wasn't just for lines and wrinkles but also has ingredients for long term hydration and a smooth glow. This cream/gel is really thick, feeling quite nice and luxurious when you put it on before bedtime. So far, so good.

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