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Father's Day is fast approaching and it's time to start thinking about what to get my Dad to show my appreciation for everything he does. I might not live at home anymore but Dad still does loads for me. Whether it's big things like fitting my 4 new blinds or just giving Dad advice about cars! This year I feel like the best Father's Day gifts fall into three categories Food, Tech and Travel.
You can't beat a food related present whether that's their favourite sweetie (my Dad always gets some Turkish Delight) or a voucher for a restaurant it's always quite a safe option. A foodie hamper is a gift that looks as good as it tastes - something that's a bit wow as well as tasty. One place I had no idea did gift hampers is MoonPig. I always associate Moonpig with personalised cards and when I went on looking for a card I couldn't quite believe how many gifts they had for Father's Day, along with other special occasions.   

One of their hampers is the Thornton and France Luxury Hamper*. It is packed full of tasty sweet treats including Buttermilk Fudge, Simply Cornish Shortbread, The Pickled Village Marmalade, Lily O'Briens Chocolates, Reids of Caithness Oatcakes and New English Teas teabags. All of the lovely branded goodies are tucked up in a beautiful wicker basket. Ready for a day out and picnic?

My Dad does quite a good job of keeping up with some of the latest technology. It is the sort of thing he wouldn't buy himself so Father's Day is quite a good time to buy something new. One of the things he's shown a little bit of curiosity with when he visits our house is the Amazon Echo. Whether it's choosing a new song to play or turning our kitchen lights on and off my Dad likes to get involved with the tech. The Amazon Echo Dot is a cheaper version that's probably just as good for starting out with the Smart Home features.

Another tech gift that would be quite good for my Dad is a set of bluetooth headphones. Whether it's to give my Mum some peace watching the Soaps and he watches Youtube or if it's to wear while he's listening to music and cutting the grass. Or maybe even for on the plane for their next holiday. Over the ear headphones are much more comfortable and Bluetooth wireless headphones are less of a faff. Skullcandy are a brand with excellent products and the Hesh 2 Silver/Black Headphones are very sleek.

My Dad definitely has the travel bug and quite rightly so. A travel related gift always comes in handy whether it's currency or related to luggage but something a little different that might just encourage the love of travel is a Scratchables Scratch Map. These scratch off maps  let you see all the places around the world that you've been and encourage your bucket list to keep growing. It doesn't just need to be a World Map though, Scratchables have a UK and Europe version which are both quite good for staycations and planning a Euro-railing adventure.

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