Primark Haul | April 2019

Last weekend we were in Edinburgh for a wedding and before making the long journey home we stopped off at Fort Kinnaird. The first shop I went to was obviously Primark. I feel like because there's no online shop it's always my top priority and having made a Wishlist recently there was a few things I was hoping to get my hands on.

The first thing that made its way into my basket was another of the £4 vest tops that I absolutely love. I've got one of these in most colours including yellow, pink, white and black. They're the best tops for Spring and Summer whether they're worn with jeans or culottes, with a jacket, cardigan or alone. This floral print isn't too over the top and the pastel, muted colours are lovely.

Another Spring top and I was delighted to actually find the blue polka dot blouse that I had my eye on. This £10 top has a nice length of sleeves, buttons down the front that are still on trend and the tuck front detail that works well with high waisted jeans that are just too high to actually tuck your top in.
I wear blouses a lot for work but don't have any the same shape as this pink and black animal print style one. The three quarter length sleeves are good for Spring and the fit and flare style is quite girly and flattering with a pair of jeans. This blouse was a little more expensive than normal at £12 but I think that might just be Primark's prices going up.

I feel like jeans, vest top and cardigan is one of my most commonly worn outfits. I'm ever hopeful that the weathers going to improve soon and that a cardigan won't be needed but it's not too likely in Scotland so I quite like to have some lightweight cardigans as an option. This white lightweight open cardigan was only £6 and it's such a good item for throwing on and layering up.
Another Primark haul another pair of pyjamas. Instead of the usual Disney or cartoon character ones I feel like I've gone a little more sophisticated with this set. These navy floral pyjamas are a silky material which are comfortable and a bit cooler than the usual cotton material sets.

The trousers were £10 and the matching top was £6. You can also get shorts or robe with the same print but I prefer trousers for wearing about the house and I've got more than enough dressing gowns already I didn't even need to think twice about leaving it on the rail. 
Everyone knows you have to buy your Primark sandals early because they won't be in stock when it's actually Summer. Although I've still not booked my Summer holiday (though we're narrowing it down to Turkey, Tunisia or possibly Kos) I still bought two pairs of sandals. To be fair I wear these on a daily basis for work and out and about so it was £14 well spent on these two.

The first pair have lots of little silver, white and pink gems along the nude strap. They were £8 and I'm pretty sure they're similar to a pair I've had before. The pink pair with the big material bow were only £6 and also have the adjustable heel strap and bit between the toe.
In the Summer/swimwear/holiday section they had quite a few different cover-ups and kaftan or kimono style tops. I've already got one that I quite like for wearing abroad but this black lace kimono caught my eye. It's £12 so probably one of their most expensive kimonos but I was really surprised by how good the quality was. I'm actually hoping to wear this as a regular kimono cardigan style top rather than as beachwear. I hope I can pull it off.

My last purchase is something I've not bought from Primark in quite a long time - a pair of earrings. I was on the lookout for a pair front and back earrings. I thought I might find some in Claire's Accessories but was out of luck. I don't love the fact that theses front and back earrings are gold but they were only £1 so will do until I can find another pair that are in the exact style that I want.

I love trying out a beauty dupe and there's no denying the Wonder Lash mascara from Primark has some very similar packaging to another mascara. Rather than spending just over £20 I thought it was worth giving the £3 Primark version a go. Even if it doesn't really compare to the high-end best seller it's not much to spend on a mascara for casual makeup.

While I was just thinking about heading to Superdrug and stocking up on the Vichy Dermablend SOS stick I spotted the PS My Perfect Colour Concealer stick for only 90p and thought I'd try it and hold off from making the more expensive concealer purchase just yet.

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