Wild Thing | Embracing Animal Print

In case you hadn’t noticed, animal prints are everywhere right now. Leopard print midi-skirts are having a moment, as are cute zebra-stripe tee-shirts and tiger-print blouses. If it’s not wild, it’s just not happening! If you’re keen to get involved with the animal print look, here are some tips to get you going*. 

Keep It Sophisticated 
There’s a risk, when wearing animal print, that you’ll end up looking like a Love Island contestant or an extra on Eastenders. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, but if you’re going for a more ‘designer’ look, you might want to aim for something that’s more sophisticated. As such, go for more muted animal prints. Rather than bold orange and black tiger stripes, look for softer, toned-town versions. These instantly look more luxe. Also, it’s wise not to go head-to-toe in animal print – it’s definitely over-kill. 

Animal-Inspired Cosmetics 
If you don’t want to wear animal-print clothing, you can always incorporate a touch of the animal kingdom in your cosmetics. Leopard-print nails create impact without being too full-on, or alternatively, look for a temporary tattoo that features a hint of print. 
Don’t forget to think about scent too (hey, we are talking about wild animals here; it’s all about those pheromones). Look for exotic fragrances to complement your look – check out sites like Copycat Fragrances for inspiration. 
Keep it casual 
Animal print is surprisingly effective when it comes to creating a casual look. Often, it’s associated with sexy skin-tight dresses and sultry underwear, but actually, it works great as a loose shirt, especially when teamed up with a pair of jeans or shorts. 

Team up with unusual colours 
When you’re mix-and-matching your clothes, don’t just reach for black. In fact, black is one of the worst colours to combine with animal print, unless you’re going out for the evening. Try something unexpected, like a mint-coloured dress with a zebra-print cardigan, or a mustard-toned top with a calf-length leopard-print skirt. 

Animal accessories 
There are plenty of fantastic animal-inspired accessories out there. Think handbags with a touch of fake snakeskin, or knee-high boots in fake tiger-fur. You can go smaller and more subtle, if you prefer. A leopard-print bangle adds a note of interest, or a snake-skin inspired hairband, for example. 
Not too trashy 
Women should be allowed to wear what they feel most comfortable in, and if a prominent cleavage or super-short skirt is your thing, then embrace it 100%. However, be warned that with animal-print, this sort of vibe can swiftly descend into cliché – it’s been done a lot in the past. If you want to ramp up the sex appeal, incorporate little hints instead. For example, a slightly see-through tiger-print blouse has major allure, and it’s fresh and fashion-forward too. 
Wear it your way 
Ultimately, there’s a huge amount of freedom when wearing animal-print. It’s a versatile look that can be worn at work, while out shopping or in a nightclub with friends. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Rather than going for something obvious, get a bit experimental with your look. If nothing else, it’s a lot of fun trying out new clothes combinations!
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